Your Home. Your Voice.

In University Housing & Residence Life, we empower students to have an active role in creating progressive communities. Our transformative leadership experiences offer students the opportunity to explore their curiosities and fearlessly pursue their passions through dynamic co-curricular learning laboratories. These co-curricular experiences offer students personal and professional development that is applicable to real world settings.

We encourage you to pioneer a new beginning to your future starting right here in your home, using your voice.

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

RHA creates opportunities for student led initiatives across campus. Focusing primarily on student advocacy and social engagement, RHA collaborates with students, staff, and faculty to develop vibrant and resilient residential communities. A deep connection to the campus community is established through RHA’s large scale events that bring people together with common interests, their department committee representation, and determining how RHA finances should be allocated to enhance the student experience. These examples of how we build community on campus, showcase RHA’s ability to challenge the status quo with innovative ideas on how we can grow and progress in a global environment. 

Applications for our seven Executive Board positions are available during winter quarter 2020.

To learn more about RHA, visit our Google Site or email

Building Ambassadors

Come join the Residence Hall Association (RHA) team! Our mission is to put on programs, events, and advocacy initiatives for all of the residence halls. We act as the voice for all of the residents on campus, and we’re recruiting ambassadors from all of the residence halls to advocate for the needs of their specific communities! Building Ambassadors will attend the weekly General Assembly meetings with the RHA Executive Board, where they can vote on RHA’s budget use, constitution revisions, and shape the on-campus living experience to be a fun and engaging place to be. You will participate in the brainstorming for upcoming programs and initiatives! Building Ambassadors will learn more about University Housing and Residence Life, work with a great team, and gain tons of leadership experience.

To learn more about being a Building Ambassador, visit our Google Site or email

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

NRHH is a trailblazing organization that recognizes people and initiatives that enhance the residential community at Portland State University while also providing opportunity for community service on campus, in the city, and across the world. NRHH creates a welcoming, open environment where students can elevate the positive impact they see across campus and inspire others to rise up and meet that standard. Through large scale events that bring people together, writing Of The Month (OTM) recognition essays, and exploring servant leadership in an urban environment, NRHH offers students contemporary and tangible opportunities for encouraging and serving communities of people in an ever changing world. NRHH helps shape the leaders of tomorrow, today.

To learn more about or join NRHH, visit our Google Site or email