Course Delivery Methods

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How to View Course Delivery Methods for Your Courses

The fall 2020 term course information is now updated with the Course Delivery Method in Banweb.

Each course is now assigned one of five delivery methods, describing the "time and place" of the course.

  • In-Person — class will meet in-person
  • Hybrid — class has reduced in-person meeting times
  • Remote - Scheduled Meetings — class delivered remotely with scheduled meeting times 
  • Remote - No Specific Mtgs — class delivered remotely, without required meeting times
  • Online — $35 per credit fee: class intentionally designed for complete digital interaction, at a distance, based on evidence-based practices for online teaching and learning

1. Log in to Banweb Reg Hub to view the delivery method for your registered courses. Based on which delivery method works best for you, you can adjust your schedule accordingly. 

2. From the Banweb Student Services tab, select Visit Registration Hub, then Register for Classes. Click on the course title hyperlink in either the Schedule by Day and Schedule Summary.

3. The hyperlink will open the Class Details window. This will list the Course Delivery Method.

4. If you would like to search for courses with a different delivery method, select the delivery method you would like to pursue in the Advanced Search.

Course Delivery Method will appear under the course title in the course results list.

5. If you are interested in adding a different course, and dropping one you are currently registered for, make sure to check “Conditional Add and Drop” before submitting your changes to ensure you retain your spot in the current course if you are not able to successfully add the new course.

If you have any questions about finding appropriate courses to ensure progress toward your degree, please contact your academic advisor.