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Rec Clubs

Who are we?

Portland State Rec Clubs is a student-led program representing different sports, games, and physical activities. Rec Clubs are organized by students and funded by student fees. We encourage participation by providing opportunities for recreation and intercollegiate competition between students of all skill-levels. Rec clubs strive to embody all the values of Campus Recreation by being community oriented, safe, sustainable, diverse, accessible, and educational.

How to join

Because our clubs are diverse in their activites and missions, they have different requirements to join. The best way to find out how to join a club is to contact one of the student leaders. To contact a club click on the club and use the contact information provided. Club leader email and club waivers are included on every club page. 

Active clubs offered


Don't see what you are looking for? 
You can start a new Rec Club and it is formed by groups of students with a common interest in sport and recreation who collectively organize and participate in activities related to that club. Check out here to know more about how to start a new Rec Club.