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Group X

The Group Exercise Program provides you with access to a wide variety of activities led by certified instructors. From endurance, to strength, to mind/body and flexibility, our programs are designed to work for you!

Getting Started

Interested in a Group X class for a private group or department?  Check out our new Fitness On-the-Go program.

Review the schedule and pick out the classes that work for you. Classes are all drop in, so you can come to any class you want whenever you want. You don't have to sign up for a particular class, and you aren't obligated to keep coming to the same class.

  1. Before each class pick up a Group X pass from Equipment Issue (second floor, just past the front desk) and turn this in to your instructor for each class.  Due to popularity, make sure to show up early to get your pass and guarantee your spot, as some classes will fill up. Passes will be available 30 minutes prior to the class start time and cannot be reserved in advance.

  2. View our new videos about setting up fitness bikes:

Summer 2015 Classes 

Abs & Arms

 Looking to tone your core and upper body?  This is the class for you!  Using basic strength training principles and a variety of equipment this class is sure to target and strengthen your entire core and upper body.  You will leave feeling stronger and ready to show off some awesome abs & arms!

Abs, Buns, & Thighs

 Looking to tone your core and lower body?  This is the class for you!  Using basic strength training principles and a variety of equipment this class is sure to target and strengthen these hard to reach areas.  You will leave feeling stronger and ready to show off some awesome abs, buns, & thighs!

Body Sculpt 

Feel the burn! This class uses free weights, body bars and more to work every major muscle group in the body- so your muscles leave feeling defined and you feeling pumped! Instruction and participation focus is on correct lifting techniques, with the use of light to moderate weights and higher repetitions. 


 Using your own body weight, basic equipment, and unique exercises, this class allows for an interval based total body workout tailored to your fitness level.  High energy music and a heart pumping workout will leave you feeling great after only 45 minutes!

Cardio Combo

This class keeps you moving by combining two of our various cardio workouts such as: Zumba, Electro Dance, Step, Cardio Kick, Cycle, and choreographed Strength & Toning. Cardio workout type will be determined by the instructor each week. 


 An amazing cardiovascular workout that is perfect for all levels.  Instructors will lead you through a variety of drills on the bike, with motivating music to keep you going.  Please bring a towel and a water bottle as this class will make you sweat!

How to prep for class (YouTube videos):

Electro Power Vinyasa Yoga

This class offers the same strong, flow-based sequences as regular Power Vinyasa to release tension and create mind/body connectedness, while listening to uplifting and inspiring Electro music.

Gentle Yoga

A slow-paced and alignment based class to facilitate ease and awareness in the body.  Gentle Yoga is appropriate for anyone from the absolute beginner to the experienced practitioner.

Hatha Yoga

 An active yoga class which uses yoga asanas, breath, and alignment to bring awareness to the body & mind. This class is a different experience each time using class input to help everyone explore their practice goals for the day.

HIIT + Abs

This is a nonstop, powerhouse workout that is guaranteed get your heart pumping. H.I.I.T will include cardio intervals using your own body weight.  


A mind/body class that helps to promote core strength, balance, and good posture.  Be prepared to work your abs and leave feeling strong and centered.  This class is performed on a mat and occasionally incorporates stability balls and other equipment. 

Pilates Fusion

Traditional strength training movements are combined with Pilates mind/body and biomechanical principals to sculpt the entire body. This class uses a variety of equipment and resistance based exercises that will leave you feeling strong and centered.

Power Hour Cycle / Krank

 This class offers the same amazing cardiovascular workout as our regular cycle/krank class only that instead of 45 minutes, this class will be a full 60 minutes.

Power Vinyasa / Vinyasa Yoga

 Open your heart, body, and mind in this detoxifying, vinyasa flow.  Work with strong, flow-based sequences and explore opportunities to release tension, and create mind / body connectedness. Improve overall well-being while gaining strength, stamina, and flexibility. Power classes are slightly faster paced.

Water X

 This class will move through both deep and shallow water to combine low impact and high intensity exercises into a great total body workout in the pool.  With a variety of cardio, plyometrics, core, and strength work you can look forward to a great sweat!  No swim experience required.


 This Latin-inspired dance-fitness class incorporates Latin and International music and dance movements to create a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness system. The class format combines fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body in an aerobic fashion to achieve a unique balance of cardio and muscle-toning benefits. Ditch the workout and join the party!