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Advisory Board


The primary function of the Campus Recreation Advisory Board is to advise the Department of Campus Rec on the long-term operation of the Student Recreation Center and the programs housed under Campus Rec.

The Advisory Board serves to offer recommendations and is not a governing (decision-making) board. The Advisory Board shall review, advise, support on:

  1. Annual budget for submission to and approval by the ASPSU and University President
  2. Program development and expansion
  3. Program assessment
  4. Facility scheduling and operating hours
  5. Program and facility use eligibility
  6. Capital projects and improvements
  7. Major equipment purchases

If you are interested in becoming an advisory board member, please contact Alex Accetta at


Advisory Board Bylaws

Advisory Board Application for Non-Students

Advisory Board Application for Students

Council for the Advancement of Standards (C.A.S.) Guidelines


When do you meet?

We meet monthly on a Friday morning for two hours. In the Fall there is usually one or two extra meetings regarding our budget.

What is the time commitment?

Beyond the regular meetings there is time to read materials before-hand (usually 15-30 minutes) and on occassion sub-committee work. There is also a fall on-boarding, usually before school starts, that is four hours.

Is it paid?

No, these are volunteer positions.

Due date for application

Thursday, May 21 at 5:00 p.m.

Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

Pending new board meeting on May 8, 2015.