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PSU Campus Rec Internship Program: 2014-2015

Current Internship Opportunities:

There are no openings at this time.

Campus Recreation Student Intern Application


Campus Rec has internships for students interested in gaining experience in areas of recreation such as health promotions, accounting, marketing, adaptive recreation, programming, or operations.  Students will have the opportunity to apply prior course work and integrate theory with practical learning while receiving mentorship and supervision from a professional staff member.  

Eligibility & Availability:

All PSU undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for internships. On occasion non-PSU students are considered for internships. All internships are available on a case by case basis and typically last for one term.  Internships taken for academic credit or in conjunction with an academic requirement may require department advisor approval prior to the start of the internship. Campus Rec internships are unpaid and there are a limited number of internships available each term.

Learning Outcomes:

During the final project presentation at the conclusion of the internship, each intern will be responsible for demonstrating how they have met a minimum of four learning outcomes. Two of the learning outcomes will be the same for all interns. The other two (or more) will be created by the intern and be measurable and specific to the individual intern and will be submitted with the learning contract.  
All Interns Learning Outcomes

  1. Be able to identify and relate how your internship has directly related to the mission and values of Campus Rec. (Creative and Critical Thinking)
  2. Be able to identify at least two ways your internship experience has increased your career preparedness. (Professional Development)

Individual Intern Learning Outcomes
Individual learning outcomes may be developed in the areas of:

  • Disciplinary Expertise and/or Professional Development
  • Creative and Critical Thinking
  • Communication and/or Collaboration
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Diversity, Internationalization and/or Multicultural Competence
  • Engagement and/or Citizenship
  • Sustainability and/or Healthy Living
  • Complete all hours according to schedule arranged with internship supervisor
  • Regular meetings and exit interview with internship supervisor
  • End of project presentation
  • May involve training or work in addition to main project
  • Commitment to Campus Rec Mission and Values
  • Please note: Interns who may supervise an activity area or excursion for Campus Rec may be required to possess or obtain American Red Cross STANDARD FIRST AID and CPR/AED FOR THE PROFESSIONAL RESCUER certifications.
Application & Internship Process:

Below is the general process for the internship.  Specific process and requirements will be determined by your internship supervisor.

  1. View available internships on the Campus Rec website
  2. Apply as directed on internship position description.  For ideas for an internship that is not listed, contact to discuss other opportunities.
  3. Receive response from Campus Rec
  4. Must successfully complete a background check
  5. If moving forward, internship supervisor schedules first meeting with potential intern:
    1. Determine students goals, interests and areas to pursue
    2. Review department expectations and requirements; for credit or non credit
    3. Discuss next steps
  6. If moving forward, internship supervisor schedules second meeting to finalize internship
    1. Finalize learning contract
    2. Determine schedule/hours, expectations, goals and assign projects
    3. Student to bring learning contract, signed volunteer form
  7. Conduct internship – includes regular meetings with supervisor and projects
  8. Final presentation
  9. Exit interview
Learning Contract:

Campus Recreation Student Intern Learning Contract
Specific process and requirements will be determined by your internship supervisor and may include creation of a job description.


For more information or to inquire about an internship opportunity, contact Campus Rec at