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Graduate Students

We know that as a graduate student you have different goals and academic needs than many undergraduate students. We also know that affinity with a like-minded community composed of individuals with similar academic goals is a key to academic success for graduate students.

So, while graduate students are welcome in any of our housing for continuing students, we have set aside a graduate student only community in one of our modern apartment style residence halls. The Graduate Residential Community is found in Blumel Hall. To be eligible for the Graduate Residential Community you need to be:

  • Fully admitted to graduate studies in a Masters or Doctoral program.

  • Be registered for and maintain a minimum of 4 credit hours per term.


Our housing rates are competitive with—and usually lower than—rates from private housing off campus. In addition, living on campus with PSU Housing is a "turnkey" service. That means you pay one fee to us and we take care of many of the life maintenance issues you would have to deal with if you lived off campus. This turnkey approach frees your time for what is most important as a graduate student—time for your research and studies and time for rest in between. You will not find this kind of service off campus.

Staff Assistance

In addition, we have staff on hand who can provide any manner of assistance—from finding your way around campus to getting a maintenance issue resolved right away. Again, you cannot find this kind of service off campus. Indeed, all of our efforts go toward providing you with the service you need so you can focus on your academic goals.

We encourage you to consider living on campus and believe doing so will enhance your graduate experience at PSU. For more information about the Graduate Residential Community or our other housing options, please contact our office at 503-725-4375 or email us at Also, please see the links below for more information.

For rates, please visit our rate page.
For the online contract, please visit the housing contract portal.