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First Year Experience (FYE), Urban Honors, and Global Village provide students with a more traditional and focused college experience by offering a nurturing environment with all necessary resources provided.

First Year Experience

The FYE program, located on floors 3-7 of Broadway and floors 3-7 of Ondine, provides a more traditional college experience for students and enhances this first year by incorporating social activities and academic support into the living environment. The FYE program is available to first year students who are 19 years and younger. 

Global Village

The Global Village program is a program located on the 9th floor of Ondine oriented around providing students a more culturally enriched and internationally engaging living experience. 

Urban Honors

The Urban Honors provides students admitted to the Honors program with the opportunity to live in a dynamic community with other high achieving and highly motivated students.  As part of the Urban Honors hall, students can participate in the life of the city and also experience the benefits of a small learning community. This community will be located on the 6th floor of Stephen Epler. 


We have many other housing options and room types throughout our 10 residential buildings. Click here to find the best room type for you.