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Drop Charges


Dropping a course within the first week of the term will result in a 100% refund for the associated charges. If a student drops one or more classes after the first week of the term, they will receive the appropriate tuition refund percentage according to our Tuition Refund Schedule but will also receive a Drop Charge. This Drop Charge will be applied to the student account, as with any other university charge, and is payable in the same ways as other charges to the student account. For information on how to make payments, please see our Payments page

Refund calculations are based on the total tuition and fees on a student account. Students with outstanding balances such as short-term loans, deferred tuition, and any other financial obligations to the university, will have any refund due to them applied against the obligation.

If a student completes a DAC or SSC petition that is approved, the Drop Charge may be waived. For more information on this, please see the Registrar's Office. 


Completely dropping all classes does not cancel a student's obligation to pay a student loan that was taken out, or a balance owed to the university.

Refund policy and calculation are matters separate from tuition payment arrangements.

Refunds for students receiving financial aid are credited back to the proper financial aid account. For more information on this, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Contact Information:

Student Financial Services
Neuberger Hall, 724 SW Harrison
Phone: 503-725-3440