Transferring to PSU as an Art Practice major: How to Apply

For Art Practice Transfer Students Only

The following instructions only apply to students transferring to PSU who are starting 300-level coursework in our Art Practice BFA program. If you are transferring to PSU with 90 or more credits from another institution and are ready to start Year 3 of the Art Practice program, this applies to you.

Please read all instructions prior to uploading your application

Step One: Apply to PSU

Students entering our program in years one and two need only apply through the main PSU application portal. You will submit a portfolio for review during your sophomore year.

Transferring students who are ready to take 300-level courses or higher must complete this step and submit a portfolio for review as outlined in step two.

Step Two: Portfolio Review

The Art Practice BFA program requires that all students pass a portfolio review before taking 300- and 400- level coursework. If you are a transfer student intending to take 300-level courses or higher, you must submit a digital portfolio for review before beginning coursework in upper-division classes. The application materials you will need are outlined below.

Important: Transfer students must apply to PSU (step one) and be accepted before submitting a portfolio.

2021 Deadline to Apply: TBD

Application Requirements

When applying, you will need to submit the following:

Portfolio: Provide 1-10 items
Consider including samples that reflect your experience with 2D, 3D, and time-based media. Use the comments section to help the committee understand the size, media, and content of each work sample.

File types and sizes:

  • Images (up to 5MB each)
  • Video (up to 250MB each)
  • Audio (up to 30MB each)
  • PDFs (up to 10MB each)
  • Models (Sketchfab)
  • You may also link to media from YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud

Provide contact information for two individuals who can serve as a reference (artistic and scholastic ability and potential).

Transcript or PSU DARS Report
Provide a copy of your transcript or Portland State University DARS report with grades for all completed Art and Art History courses. If you have difficulty attaching this document, please submit a hard copy to the Art Office by the deadline date (include your name plus "attention BFA Application").

Respond to the following questions (150 words max. per question):

  • Why do you want to pursue a BFA in Art Practice at Portland State University?
  • What skills/methods of making from our current course offerings are you interested in pursuing?
  • What ideas/concepts are you interested in exploring in your work? 
  • Who is an artist that inspires you? Why?

Please check the presentation and interaction of your materials on the application site before committing your material for review.