Study Abroad

The School of Art + Design offers a variety of exciting summer study abroad opportunities.

Berlin: The Fall and Rise of an Art City

Since the Fall of the Wall in November 1989, Berlin has awoken and risen from decades of post-war slumber to become one of the top art cities in the world. Berlin: The Fall + Rise of an Art City is a course designed to give students access to some of the most engaging art world experiences the city has to offer. Student travelers will come away from the course with a greater awareness of the rich history of this dynamic city as well as a deeper understanding of the inner-workings of the contemporary art world.

The course will provide creative and intellectual inspiration for its participants through tailored experiences in the Berlin art scene. Participants will be led on a day-long city tour, In Search of the Miraculous, in which eight artist-guides share their unique vantage points on the city they live and make work in. Students will experience the vitality of Berlin through multiple artist’s studio visits, meetings with art gallery owners, artist-run project spaces, a hands-on workshop, a tour of a private art collection in a former WWII bunker, visits to contemporary art spaces and museums like KunstWerke, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlinische Galerie and others. 

Through shared meals and daily excursions in the city, the course creates a community among travelers. A typical day starts with a meet-up over breakfast to review any readings then out the door for the art adventure of the day. Following the daily excursion, students will spend the remainder of the day exploring and discovering the city on their own or with the group.


4 Credits (300 or 400-level art electives)
Instructors: Tia Factor (School of A+D Adjunct Instructor) and co-leader by April Gertler

Open to Art Practice, Graphic Design or Art History students
No German language skills necessary




CORE Abroad: Italy (Florence, Sienna, Venice)

This innovative abroad program will use the cities of Florence, Siena and Venice as labs for active and engaged learning. The young artists and designers will visit important cultural and historical sites, will engage with local creatives, and will attend the oldest world survey of contemporary art in the world, the Venice Biennale.

We will use the framework of tourism to ask students to consider what it means to be abroad, to be home and their relationships with places. Throughout our travels, students will be introduced to people who will inspire complex understanding of Italian history and contemporary life. Students will refine their understanding of the relationship between self and place as they develop a greater understanding of their own artistic processes. Students will grow in their appreciation of diversity and will walk away with new perspectives.


8 credits (in CORE or Art Practice)
Instructors: Michelle Illuminato, Alison Heryer

**No language requirement!**
**Open only to students majoring or minoring in Art Practice, Graphic Design, and Art History**



Printmaking and Mixed Media in Guanajuato, Mexico

Immerse yourself for a two-week intensive in Guanajuato, Mexico, a UN World Heritage city rich in Pre-Colubian, Colonial and Revolutionary history.

This is a Mixed-Media course that will focus on Printmaking, Drawing, and Painting. We will look into historical and contemporary approaches to art making, have experiential outings to local museums/galleries and surrounding towns, as well as engage with local artists. Students will consider how place and location translates into an artistic studio production resulting in a body of prints, sketchbooks, and journalling.

Sites & Fieldtrips: San Miguel Allende (day trip), Diego Rivera Museum, Alhondiga de Granaditas Museum, Museum of the Mummies, Monumento Pîpila, Dolores, Valenciana (Iglesia de San Cayetano), San Gabriel de Barrera and many others.


8 credits
Instructor: Mandee Schroer,

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Prerequisites: None, although printmaking, drawing, painting or other art classes would be beneficial.

Cost includes: Tuition, course related fees & travel insurance (application fee excluded), Taxi- arrival & departure of Guanajuato, Beautiful B&B accommodations - wifi available, printmaking supplies, museum entrance fees & field trips, welcome & farewell dinner, & delicious traditional Mexican breakfasts & lunches at B&B and studio- cooked by our host, Hugo Anaya.




Art History in Rome (not offered 2018-19)

Jesse Locker will take a group of students to Italy to study the artistic and cultural heritage of Rome, with an emphasis on the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Students will visit sites of cultural and artistic significance, and participate in lectures, readings, student presentations, and guided exploration.

This eight-credit seminar serves as an intensive introduction to Rome’s artistic and cultural heritage,
with an emphasis on the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Through daily excursions to artistically and 
culturally significant sites in and around the city of Rome in conjunction with lectures, readings, student presentations, and guided exploration, students will gain a grasp of fundamental concepts, methods, 
and issues in the history of art and, at the same time, a comprehension of the history, topography, and 
culture of Rome and its environs.