Design, Creativity & Performance Pathway

The Design, Creativity and Performance Pathway provides students with the opportunity to explore the many diverse ways to engage in a creative life.

Students will be immersed in an environment of creative inspiration, interaction and study. They will develop their craft by building skills and techniques to deepen their engagement with their individual artistic practices.

Majors include: Architecture, Art Practice, Art History, Cultural History of the Arts, Graphic Design, Film, Music, and Theater Arts

Important information for students starting PSU in Fall 2021:

Incoming freshmen and transfer students should complete Orientation online prior to scheduling an appointment with their advisor for their first term. Completing Orientation opens access to registration and covers the information necessary to select and register for classes. If you still need help after completing the Orientation, you may attend an online Pathway Advising Session for more help or follow up with your advisor afterwards.

Transfer students can make an appointment with a Transfer & Returning Student Advisor prior to completing Orientation in regards to:

  • general* degree requirements like University Studies and BA/BA (*not major requirements)
  • how your credits transferred to PSU
  • connecting to campus resources
  • how to read your degree audit (DARS)

How to meet with a DCP Advisor:

Students in all majors in this Pathway, including Exploratory/Undeclared, are assigned an advisor based on the last two digits of their PSU ID number. 

To schedule an appointment, call our Front Desk at 503-725-3822 or use the links below.

Prospective students without a PSU ID may meet with any DCP advisor or a Transfer & Returning Student Advisor.

Spanish speaking students who prefer to converse in Spanish during their appointment are welcome to book with Hilda Escalera Gonzalez below.

Faculty Advising

Juniors and seniors admitted to the programs in this pathway can also meet with a faculty advisor. Links to their pages are below:

Design, Creativity & Performance Pathway Advisors