Catherine Kumlin & Robert Gamblin Endowed Art Practice Study Abroad Scholarship

This scholarship benefits an undergraduate or graduate Art Practice student who wants to participate in a PSU School of Art + Design study abroad program that includes Art Practice credit. It is awarded annually on a competitive basis in the amount of $2000. Merit and financial need are both considerations, with the emphasis on merit, and preference will be given for a student whose work focuses on painting.

2021 Deadline TBA


Undergraduate or graduate student in Art Practice
3.0 GPA or higher
Must be participating in an Art + Design study abroad program for Art Practice credit.

Application Materials

  • Copy of your DARS
  • 5 images of your work
    You can submit one PDF with all the images, or up to 5 separate images.
  • Essay
    Write a one-page essay that answers the following questions: Why is this trip important to you? What do you hope to get out of this trip? Submit as a PDF file.

About the Philanthropists

As artists who were raised and educated on the west coast of America, Catherine Kumlin and Robert Gamblin fully appreciate the importance of travel in order to come face to face, rather
than eyes to book or screen, with the history of art. It is only when one shares the room with works of art that their presence can be fully appreciated, and one can feel what it is that makes great artworks.

When Robert and Catherine came together as a couple, their love of painting and travel merged. Every day of their travels they draw or paint and it is at those moments that they are most fully in those places.

Catherine’s first trip outside of the states was to London and Paris with an art class from Portland State, and Robert first traveled through Europe in his 20’s, visiting museums and historical sites as a form of graduate school. Now they travel to another continent once or twice a year, going to art capitals or places where they want to start a new series of work. The journey of discovery informs both of their painting practices.

The value of travel unfolds every time they are in a foreign country. Viewing original works of art is always a peak moment, an exclamation, “oh that is what it really looks like,” or “that’s the color?!” Travel to see great works tunes the eye, an artist will come back to their home studio with a fresh awareness from being lifted out of every day existence.

By providing this travel scholarship, the donors hope that students who receive it will have similar experiences of their own.