Mary Ausplund Tooze Scholar Travel Award Endowment

Established in 2014, this award encourages travel needed to engage in field study and research in Ancient and Islamic Art. It is open to juniors, seniors and graduate students from all majors.

During her 89 years of life, Portland native Mary Ausplund Tooze was a continuous learner and encouraged all around her to be the same. While her passion for music and the performing arts is well recorded, less known was that she was also a devoted student and scholar in the areas of Islamic art, ancient art, and nautical archeology. 

Islamic and ancient art history can offer a visual and meaningful bridge to help all students better understand a crucial world civilization. With art as a translator, this award honors the memory of Mary Tooze through the creation of this permanently endowed fund for travel. The Mary Ausplund Tooze Scholar helps students to better understand the cultures and traditions of a rich and complex Middle Eastern world.

2021 Deadline TBA


The Mary Ausplund Tooze Scholar Travel Award is available to all PSU majors with junior, senior or graduate status and a GPA of 3.0 or above.

Application Materials

Your online application will include the following:

  • Applicant Information
    Your name, address, phone, email, major, anticipated graduation date, GPA in major, and PSU ID number
  • Letter of Intent
    Write a two-page letter of intent that states the purpose of the proposed travel/study, its value to your educational goals and a proposed budget. The letter should clearly state how the scholarship activity relates to the study of Islamic and/or Ancient Art and may include archaeological excavation and/or research. Strong preference will be awarded for scholarship activities not already available to students in the Portland region.


Recipients of the award are required to submit a paper to a member of the Prize selection committee for inclusion in PSU’s PDX Scholar Archive within two months of completing research travel. This report shall consist of a scholarly abstract, thesis statement or paper that describes the scholarly activity funded by the prize and its impact on the recipient’s educational goals. The paper will be reviewed by a committee member prior to posting in the PDX Scholar Archive.