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Success Series

Workshops just for you to gain connections with other new students and upperclassmen while supporting your academics. You will also gain helpful tips and advice on academic success, finances, school/work/life balance, transition to college, and more.

East Campus

Wednesday's at 5:30 p.m. in the Ondine Lobby

Week 1 - March 30

Back to the Future III!

Come kick off Spring Quarter by decorating your term calender and have some ice cream with your LCA's. Get tips and tricks on planning your schedule and how to best manage your time. 

Week 2 - April 6

How to Blossom at PSU

Ever get stuck with a class or an instructor that is the absolute worst? Also, looking to bring your room into Spring? Plant a decorative plant to bring a little green into your living space while learning ways to grow beyond a challenging course. Find out how to navigate professors personalities through conflict resolution strategies and utilizing resources. 

Week 4 - April 20

Surviving Adulthood

Adulting is hard! Get ideas on meal planning, budgets, and eating healthy while making your own granola and engaging with our representatives from financial aid.

Week 6 - May 4

Blending into the Workforce

Looking for the perfect summer job or internship? Enjoy a smoothie with Advising and Career Services while learning about resumes, cover letters and the importance of networking. 

Week 8 - May 18

Move up, and Out!

Do you know all you need to know about registering for next year's sophomore inquiry (SINQ)? What about where to find moving boxes or where to store your things over the summer? Meet with EcoReps and make your plans for the coming year so you can have all summer to relax!

West Campus

Wednesday's at 5:30 p.m. in King Albert Ground Level

Week 1 - March 30

Your Days are Numbered

The long-term calendars are back! Get creative as we map out your term with support from your RAM team!

Week 3 - April 13

All Work and Some Play

This week, we will provide all the information you need on how to scope out summer employment, volunteer opportunities and internships! 

Week 6 - May 4

Take it Outside!

As the sun comes out, prepare to take your studying outdoors! Come put together an outdoor study kit to keep with you for a sun powered study session. 

Week 8 - May 18

Food for Thought

Grab a bite to eat and offer USuccess some food for thought! We want to know how we have been serving you all this past year and what you would like to see next year in USuccess-West.