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OTM Quick Tips

Ten Quick Tips for Writing a Winning OTM

1. OTMs are due to the NRHH Database on the 5th of every month by 11:59pm.

2. Type the OTM on a “Word” document prior to submission. Copy and paste the OTM into the online database after the OTM is written.

3. There are 17 specific categories that OTMs can be written about: Advisor, Residential Community, Executive Board Member, Organization, RA, Spotlight, Student, Bulletin Board, First Year Student, Residence Life Faculty/Staff, Desk Attendant, Institutional Faculty/Staff, Passive Programming, Community Service Program, Social Program, Educational Program, and Diversity Program.

4. DO NOT submit additional information using online codes or attachments. They will not enhance the OTM.

5. Submit the OTM in the right category. If you are unsure, ask an NRHH member what category the OTM should be submitted in.  You can reach NRHH at

6. Type the complete address and name of the nominator (YOU) and nominee on the form in the space provided.  This is the name that will be printed on the certificate if you win regionally or nationally.

7. Define acronyms, they are not always universal.  The only acronyms you should use are RA, NRHH, NACURH, RHA, NCC and region name. The Portland State University region is PACURH.

8. Make sure you check the right nominee organization for your OTM.

9. Presentation is key! Proofread the OTM to make sure you are clearly and precisely saying what you mean to say.  Check for poor grammar and spelling errors.

10. Make sure your nomination is month specific! It is very important to highlight the outstanding things that the nominee did in the month of nomination.  Use phrases like “in the month of…” keep this in mind throughout the whole OTM.