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Of The Month Procedure

Below is the current procedure for Of The Month nominations. This document will include: where to start, nominating the individual, campus winners, regional winners, and national winners. Consider this page your 411 for OTM (Of The Months)!

Starting Point

OTM nominations are based on the achievements of nominees for the month. The trick to writing a successful OTM is making sure that you stick, mainly, with the things that the person has done in the past month or the specifics of a program done during that month. There are two different types of OTM nominations that are possible within NRHH: general or program. General OTMs focus on the achievements in individuals or organizations based on a certain set of OTM categories. These categories change per school. Those that Portland State recognizes are placed here.

Nominations (Nominating Others)

To complete the OTM form, you simply need to visit the OTM Database at It is optional to create an account under the Portland State University umbrella, but the benefit is retaining your information. All OTM nominations are due on the 5th of the month at 11:59PM. Click here to submit a General Nominee OTM or Program OTM.

Campus Winners

Once the OTMs have been placed into the system, all the active members in the NRHH Viking Chapter membership go through and vote on the OTMs by category. Of The Months with the most votes will then be submitted by the Director of NRHH to the PACURH Regional OTM Committee. The Campus Winners will be announced on the NRHH website on the 10th of the month.

Regional/National Winners

After the PACURH affiliated schools have submitted their campus winning OTMs regionally a specific committee will decide which are regional winners. Like the campus OTM voting committee, the OTMs are voted upon NACURH wide and then are awarded as Regional Winners. All regional winning OTMs are submitted to the NACURH OTM Committee (so your OTM has a chance of winning inter-nationally).