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NRHH Members

Currently, NRHH is allowed to have 1% of the housing resident population or 20 members, whichever is greater. Here is a look at those who have been inducted into the NRHH Viking Chapter at Portland State.


Russell Jones (

Executive Board

Bronson Bass - Director of NRHH (
Rochelle Robnett - Associate Director of Marketing (
Schafer Durgan - Associate Director of Recognition (
Claire Hummer - Associate Director of Operations (

Active Members

Adam Ramaley

Claire Hummer

Corey McEuin

Corinne Schneider

Heidi Feight

Jensine Tirado

Jess Millar

Laura Miller

Nat Siow

Paul Mocan

Shawn Farruggia

Skylar Wuite

Stephen Clement

Tashi Weinstein

Tyler Mullins



Abby Noon

Alex Laughnan

Carly Beckman

Jacob Gran

Jessica Lyons

Linh Vo

Alex Fiks

Caitlin Currie

Deanne Gende

Janice Nakamura

Kristyn Crouse

Meg Riley

Melissa Wilks

Scott Christel

Solay Freeman

Max Gutierrez

Taylor Hansen

Travis Miller

Zoe Smolen

Katie Osborne

Christina Hanson

Kristen Purdy


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