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Meet this year's Executive Board!

Meet this year's Executive Board!
Take a look at the this year's Executive Board!


The Residence Hall Association has an allotted programming budget throughout each term. Many Residence Life staff, Portland State departments, and students all wish to program within the Housing community.

Of The Month

Of The Month
Of The Month (OTM) awards are a way the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) recognizes outstanding students, advisors, and programs on campuses around the U.S. OTMs are written by individual schools then voted on by NRHH.

RHA Executive Board Vacancies 

RHA Executive Board Applications Now Online!

The RHA Executive Board has selected new Executive Board members for their two openings this Fall Term 2014! Those results will be made available shortly.

Hall Council Elections 

East & West Hall Council Applications Now Online!

Both of the Hall Councils are up and running with enthusiasim.  They just recently completed their LeaderSHOP training and should be meeting soon to start planning programs and events for your enjoyment!

Community Beautification Proposal

Community Beautification Proposal Process Now Online!

The Community Beautification account is a way for residents to propose large-scale physical improvements to their living environments. In order to learn more about this process and ways in which you can use these funds please go here.

General Assembly Meetings

Fridays at 3p.m. (Location: Ondine 2nd Floor - Classroom: OND 218)

General Assembly meetings are a chance for all on-campus residents to have their voice heard! These meetings are held every Friday at 3pm.  The location is on the second floor of Ondine in one of the classrooms.   Look for the sign indicating what classroom the meeting is in.  If you are interested in becoming a voting member of the General Assembly please ask an RHA Executive Board member or your RA/LCA for more information.