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House Rules & Policies

General Conduct Guidelines

The University Faculty/Staff/Alumni and Student Conduct Codes are enforced at all times.
We reserve the right to deny facility use to anyone who refuses to comply with the below policies.
Please note that policies are subject to change and to refer to this page for the most current policy information.

Participants in Campus Rec programs and activities are permitted to participate in alignment with the person's self-identified gender. Participation in competitive Sport Club or Extramural activities will be resolved on a case by case basis based on applicable National Governing Body Policies. Any other issues will be resolved on a case by case basis in consultation with the Portland State University Queer Resource Center.

The University Faculty/Staff/Alumni and Student Conduct Codes are enforced at all times. We reserve the right to deny facility use to anyone who refuses to comply with the above policies.

Please note that policies are subject to change. Refer to this page for the most current policy information.

  • To facilitate Portland State University’s mission of teaching and learning consistent with a state institution of higher education, the Student Rec Center requires its patrons to maintain a safe and appropriate environment. Therefore, the following activities and behaviors are strictly prohibited:
  • Committing or attempting to commit any activity that would constitute a violation of any federal, state, or local criminal statute or ordinance.
  • Exhibiting disruptive or disorderly conduct or behavior that unreasonably disturbs patrons and staff and interferes with use and enjoyment of the facilities, including but not limited to:
    • Smoking or other use of tobacco anywhere inside the Student Rec Center or anywhere on the Urban Plaza
    • Fighting or threatening actions
    • Posing an unreasonable risk to health or safety, including but not limited to offensive personal hygiene that unduly disturbs others
    • Using loud, obscene, or abusive language to patrons or staff
    • Displaying overt sexual behavior or engaging in sexual harassment or other types of harassment (e.g., racism, hate speech, threatening speech or behavior, disrespectful behavior)
    • Misuse or vandalism of facility property
    • Consuming any alcoholic beverage except at approved events.  Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and non-prescription drugs are not allowed in the facility.
    • Displaying overt signs of alcohol or substance abuse that are accompanied by disruptive behavior
    • Trespassing with entering activity rooms that are not open or entering private office areas without permission
    • Bringing into the Student Rec Center any item that creates a hazard to others, or placing personal belongings so as to impede access to services. The following items are not allowed in the Student Rec Center:
    • Bicycles, shopping carts
    • Skateboards, scooters
    • Guns/ammunition or items which can be easily mistaken for weapons, such as black water pistols, plastic nun-chuks, or an empty pepper spray container.
    • Bringing pets into the Student Rec Center (Assistance animals are always welcome).
  • Facilities and equipment must be used for intended purposes only.
  • A current valid student PSU ID card is required to enter the Student Rec Center. Please see the ID Policy for other requirements.  Attempting to enter the facility using false identification or other means will result in card confiscation and/or suspension of facility access privileges.
  • Campus Rec staff has authority over facility conduct and use of equipment. Failure to comply with requests of the staff may result in suspension of facility privileges.
  • Programs such as scheduled Campus Rec activities will have priority over drop-in and open Rec. If possible, portions of the facility will remain open for drop-in participants.
  • Campus Rec is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Personal belongings are not permitted in activity areas and must be kept in a locker or designated areas. 
  • It is strongly suggested that you consult a physician prior to engaging in physical activity. Campus Rec is not responsible for accidents or injuries that occur to patrons. 
  • Only beverages in plastic, re-sealable containers are allowed in physical activity areas. 
  • Glass is not allowed in the Student Rec Center. 
  • Injuries, accidents, or equipment failures must be immediately reported to Campus Rec staff. 
  • Use of the center is considered a privilege.  Mature and respectful conduct is expected and required at all times. Campus Rec personnel reserve the right to remove any member or guest from the area if he or she exhibits behavior that is believed to be unsafe or inappropriate and may have their privileges revoked.
  • Approval to post flyers, signs, or posters on the bulletin boards in the Student Rec Center must be obtained from the Campus Rec staff in the Administrative Office. 
  • Only Student Rec Center staff members may operate stereo and video equipment. Only personal headsets with personal stereos are allowed. Boom boxes are not permitted anywhere in the facility unless in conjunction with a special event.
  • Personal private contract work, i.e., swimming lessons, personal training, and/or fitness workouts of any kind, are not permitted at the Student Rec Center. Anyone interested in receiving private instruction should contact Member Services for proper registration procedures. 
  • Holiday closings and changes to building operational hours will be posted on the web page and throughout the facility. 
  • The Student Rec Center will be closed at least two full weeks per calendar year for regularly scheduled and recurring maintenance.  These closures will take place usually in late August or early September and around the Winter Holidays.

Read our Refund and Cancellation Policy.

Campus Rec Policies

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Dress Code

  • Proper, non-marking athletic closed toed shoes are required in all areas except the pool, locker rooms, multi-purpose rooms and 4th floor stretching area.
  • Shirts that cover the entire torso and entire chest are required in all areas except the pool and locker rooms.  Arm holes cannot be enlarged to be lower than the line between the chest and stomach.

Swimming Pool

  • Swimsuit specifically designed for aquatic activities are required
  • Inappropriate attire includes: excessively revealing swim suit, street clothes and other work out shorts and gear.

A patron who fails to follow these rules will be given a warning. If a staff person has requested compliance with the policy, but the patron has refused, the patron may be asked to leave the Student Rec Center. 


  • The wood courts are primarily intended for basketball, volleyball and badminton. Other activities are permissible if considered safe and appropriate as determined by the Campus Rec staff.
  • Indoor Soccer is the primary purpose of the multi-purpose athletic court. Other activities typically played in this space are indoor hockey, volleyball, table tennis and badminton. Please contact Campus Rec staff if you are interested in doing other activities in this space.
  • Courts are prioritized for informal rec, intramural sports and club sports.
  • Participation is on a first-come, first served basis during drop-in times.
  • Hanging on net or rims is prohibited.
  • Courts must be kept clear of bags and clothing.


  • Basketball games are played to 11. Win by two; cap at 15.
  • Basketball scoring: Three-pointers count as two points and two pointers count as one point.
  • Winning teams continue playing for the max of two games.
  • Winning teams and teams that have “next” are required to have all five team members ready to play at game time. Failure to be ready to play will result in forfeiting the turn and placement at the end of rotation.
  • A team is not permitted to have “next” on more than one court.


  • Volleyball games are played to 15. Win by two; cap at 19.
  • Rally scoring will be used for all games.
  • Winning teams continue playing for max of two games.
  • Winning teams and teams that have “next” are required to have at least three team members ready to play at game time. Failure to be ready to play will result in forfeiting the turn and placement at the end of rotation.
  • A team is not permitted to have “next” on more than one court.

Fitness Center

  • Use machines and equipment only for their intended purpose.
  • If machine fails to operate correctly, do not attempt to repair. Notify the Fitness Center staff or Member Service Staff of the problem. Do not operate equipment if it has loose or damaged parts.
  • No equipment is to be removed from its designated area except by Campus Rec staff.  Individuals who are not able to safely or properly use the equipment will be asked to leave and offered the opportunity to be taught how to use the equipment.
  • All users must remain at least 5 feet from mirrored walls during exercise. Please do not touch mirrors.
  • When using treadmills, the use of the emergency-off clip is strongly recommended.
  • Please turn treadmills completely off before getting off.  Use of the facility and all equipment is available on a first-come/ first-served basis.
  • There is a 30-minute time limit on all cardiovascular equipment.
  • Wipe down equipment after use with provided towels and solutions.  Please do not spray machines directly with cleaning solution.
  • All walkways must remain clear.

Free Weights

  • Individuals using free weights are required to use safety collars or have spotters.
  • Please maintain controlled movement of weights at all times.
  • No personal training conducted by anyone other than a Campus Rec staff.
  • No Power lifts (e.g., clean, clean-jerks, snatch).
  • No leaning weights and equipment against walls, pillars, or mirrors.
  • No standing on equipment benches, frames or weights other than intended by manufacturer.
  • No top loading.
  • Slamming or dropping weight stacks, plates, or dumbbells.
  • No chalk.
  • Free weight equipment must remain in free weight area; its use in conjunction with cardio equipment or on the track is strictly prohibited.
  • Keep dumbbell racks free from obstruction.
  • Individuals must return all bars, plates, dumbbells, collars, etc., to their proper place after use.
  • Please limit stretching and floor exercises to designated mat areas.

Multi-Purpose Room Policies

  • Equipment provided for different exercises (hand weights, slides, steps, etc.) may not be taken out of the designated exercise room or area.  This equipment will only be available for Group X classes. 
  • Stereos may only be utilized and operated by Campus Rec Staff only.
  • There are class size limitations for all Group X classes. Class participants must visit Equipment Checkout for a pass to each specific class.
  • Room schedules must be followed at all times by those using the Multi-Purpose Room.  When there is no activity scheduled, the Multi-Purpose Room will remain open for Open Hours use.

Open Hours

  • Any reservations approved by Campus Rec during designated times take priority in the Multi-Purpose Room.
  • Groups of 4 or larger participating in the same activity during Multi-Purpose Room open hours are prohibited.
  • Please cooperate with all other patrons who wish to utilize the space. Multi-Purpose Room open hour time is intended to accommodate numerous activities in the space.
  • Fitness Equipment stored in the Multi-Purpose Room closets is not available for use during Multi-Purpose Room open hours.
  • Equipment, shoes and activities that causes damage to any part of the room are prohibited.
  • Footwear is not required inside the Multi-Purpose Room. Please remember closed toed shoes are required upon entering and exiting the room.
  • The stereo and wall divider can only be operated by Campus Rec Staff. The stereo will not be available to use during Multi-Purpose Room open hours. Any music players brought into the Multi-Purpose Room must be played at a respectable volume level.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the 4th Floor Fitness Center staff.

Jogging Track

  • Directional arrows must be followed at all times.
  • Walkers use the outside lane; joggers use inside lanes.
  • Walkers and joggers should not be more than two abreast.
  • The inside lane has priority for patrons with disabilities.

Climbing Center

  • All climbers must have a signed release of liability form on file prior to using the Climbing Center.
  • Specific Climbing Center wristbands must be worn at all times.
  • Wristbands can be acquired from the Equipment Checkout Desk after the completion of the informational video and successfully passing the quiz.
  • Do not put fingers in the metal bolts on the top rope wall.
  • Climbing shoes or proper, non-marking athletic closed toed shoes must be used. No climbing in bare feet.
  • You may not climb if you have received medical treatment or are using a prescription drug that could impair your alertness or coordination.
  • You may not teach others how to belay.
  • No sitting or lying down while belaying.
  • Do not climb above or below other climbers.
  • Shirts must be worn at all times in the Climbing Center.
  • No loose chalk.
  • Only the belay devices and locking carabiners provided by Campus Rec are permitted for use.
  • Bags are not allowed in the Climbing Center. Check your items at the Equipment Checkout Window on the 2nd floor. Food, chewing gum and beverages (with the exception of water bottles) are not permitted in the Climbing Center.
  • No horse play or unsafe conduct will be allowed—immediate expulsion and possible loss of future privileges may result.
  • No bouldering above 14 feet markers.
  • Do not attempt to climb in excess of your abilities.

Pool and Spa

  • No running.
  • No diving.
  • The lifeguards on duty must approve all toys.
  • Only Coast Guard approved life jackets will be allowed during youth swim times.
  • Life jackets are not allowed during any other swim time without permission from the Aquatics Coordinator.
  • Breath-holding exercises will not be allowed.
  • Persons 17 years and younger must be accompanied and directly supervised in the pool area by a parent or approved responsible party.
  • Admission to the pool may be denied for any of the following reasons:
    • When an individual is apparently unable to care for him/herself
    • vidence of contagious disease
    • Open sores, wounds
    • Excessively revealing swim suit
    • Any condition or evidence (in the opinion of Campus Rec Staff) that will jeopardize the health and safety of the general public
  • Cleansing showers are required of all patrons prior to using the pool.
  • The lifeguard staff may require a person to demonstrate his/her swimming ability.
  • Swimmers/patrons must stay off and avoid the area directly beneath the lifeguard stands. No exceptions.
  • Hanging or tugging on the lane lines is not permitted.
  • No food or drink allowed on pool deck except for water. Glass bottles/containers of any kind are not allowed inside pool area or facility.
  • Proper swim attire must be worn at all times in the pool and/or spa. Street clothes are unacceptable.
  • All children under 2 years of age, or who are older but not toilet trained, must wear an approved swim diaper.

Lap Swim

  • Swimmers must enter the lap pool from the ends of the lanes only.
  • The maximum number of swimmers in each lane is eight.
  • All swimmers must “circle swim” (i.e., remain in the right half of the lane). Slower swimmers should stop at wall and allow faster swimmers to pass.
  • Lanes may be designated “slow,” “medium,” and “fast.” Please select the appropriate lane for your ability.

Spa Policies

  • All lap pool Rules & Regulations apply to spa use.
  • Elderly persons, pregnant women, and persons suffering from heart disease, diabetes, seizures, epilepsy, circulatory or respiratory problems, or high or low blood pressure should not enter the spa without their doctor’s permission.
  • Children between the ages of 6 and 14 must be accompanied by an adult in the spa at all times. Children 5 years of age and younger are not permitted in the spa. Do not use at water temperatures greater than 104° F.
  • Enter and exit spa with caution.
  • Long exposure may result in nausea, dizziness or fainting. Leave the spa after 10-15 minutes and cool down before returning for another brief stay.
  • Items and activities prohibited in the spa:
    • Submerging. Hair/clothing may become entangled in the drain suction.
    • Napping. Do not take a nap or allow others to sleep in the whirlpool.
    • Newspapers, magazines or other reading material.
    • Kick boards and other flotation devices.
  • Maximum spa capacity: 10 people

Locker/Locker Room

  • For privacy and safety purposes, cell/mobile/camera phone use is prohibited in all locker rooms and restrooms.
  • Do not leave water running in shower area after you are done.
  • Dry off in shower area.
  • Wet floors in the locker room may be slippery. Please watch your step
  • Children under 5 are allowed in the opposite gender locker room. It is encouraged that families and children use the Universal Changing rooms located next to the Pool.
  • Campus Rec reserves the right to check lockers for unreturned towels, equipment, and to resolve safety/security concerns. Members will be notified should this occur.
  • All lockers are the property of Campus Rec. A fee will be assessed for locker damage caused by negligence or abuse.
  • Secure personal items in the locker room. Campus is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Towels: Users are encouraged to bring their own towels. Towels can be rented for a fee.

Day Use Lockers

  • Day-use lockers are available at no charge on a first-come/first-served basis.
  • Members must remove all items in day-use lockers when they leave the Student Rec Center.
  • Personal locks must be used for day-use lockers; locks are available for purchase.
  • Personal locks may not be left on day-use lockers overnight.
  • Campus Rec is not responsible for locks cut off during this procedure.
  • Any lock that is attached to a Day Use Locker at closing of the Student Rec Center will be removed by Campus Rec Staff.  All contents of that locker will be sent through the Lost and Found process created by Campus Rec.
  • CREC staff are strongly discouraged from cutting personal locks off of Day Use Lockers at the request of patrons. 
  • If keys, credit cards or identification exist in a locked Day Use Locker, Campus Rec staff will be permitted to make an exception to cut the lock if the owner is unable to remove it.  The patron requesting the cut, will need identify all contents of the locker or be able to show identification that was locked inside the locker.
  • If there are not keys, credit cards or identification inside the Day Use Locker, Campus Rec will not cut the lock until closing.  The patron will need return at closing when the lock will be cut or return the next day when the lock will be cut and contents sent to lost and found.
  • Rec Center patrons are strongly encouraged NOT to just store belongings in an unlocked Day Use Locker.  There is a potential that another patron could fix a lock to that same locker thus separating the locker contents from the owner who left belongings in the previously unlocked locker.
  • We will not cut a personal lock on a day use lock without the approval from the owner of the lock or upon closing of the facility.
  • If a patron needs to gain access to belongings in a Day Use Locker that is locked by a lock that they do not own, the patron will need to wait until either the lock is removed by the rightful owner or closing when the lock will be removed by CREC staff.

Youth Policies

Climbing Center

  • Parent/guardian or adult member must complete ​the​ climbing center orientation and become a Climbing Center Pass Holder prior to ​youth of any age ​using the Climbing Center.
  • Children ​15 and under may only use the climbing center during youth hours and under the direct supervision of the parent/guardian.
  • Youth Pass Holders who are  16 – 17 year old ​may complete the Climbing Center orientation and become a Climbing Center Pass Holder. They are then permitted to use the climbing center during youth hours without direct parent/guardian supervision.  
  • Children must be 13 or older to take a belay class or test out in belaying.
  • To top rope climb, participants must be able to fit into a harness (minimum height is 3​7​"). Climbing shoes and harnesses are available for check-out.


  • Youth under two must wear plastic pants and/or approved swim diapers. No regular diapers are allowed in the pool. Approved swim diapers do not include "Little Swimmers" or similar diapers. Campus Recreation sells approved reusable swim diapers at Member Services for a small fee. 
  • Members and youth must use the pool space as it is designated on the aquatics schedule. 
    • Lap Swim requires swimming down and back. 
    • Open Rec Swim has at least 2 lane lines removed from the pool and allows more recreational play. 
    • Open Rec Swim times are more suitable for young children wanting to play and enjoy the pool.
  • Any youth wanting to swim in the deep end of the pool will be required to successfully complete a 25 yard swim test.  
    • Youth will swim from the deep end of the pool to the shallow end using a swim stroke (i.e. not doggie paddle) and without touching the bottom of the pool.
  • Group youth swim lessons are typically offered fall, winter and spring terms and are purchased at Member Services.


  • If courts are available, equipment may be checked out by parent/guardian or adult member at the equipment issue desk. Courts are available on a first come first serve basis and are not reserved specifically for youth and families.

    Lost and Found

    Campus Rec operates a lost and found where items can be inquired about at the Member Services desk.  Due to the high volume of lost and found items, Campus Rec only keeps items for a limited time.   Contents from day use lockers that were not cleared out by closing each night or an expired long term locker will go to through the lost and found process to find the rightful owner.  Items being claimed by a patron will need to be described thoroughly and accurately.  Any items that have a perceived value of $50.00 or more will be turned over to the Campus Public Safety Office.

    Space Reservation

    To inquire about reserving space in the Rec Center that is operated by Campus Rec, a Space Reservation Form must be completed.  This form can be found at:
    The Student Rec Center Staff will review all submitted information and determine the possibility of hosting the event, tabling, meeting or practice on a case by case basis.  Campus Rec is dedicated to leaving time and space available for member use and can restrict the number of events that the facility will host.  All groups reserving space must be associated with Portland State University.

    Student Organizations

    • The Student Organization must be in good standing with their advising organization.
    • The reservation must be endorsed by the advisor to the student organization.
    • The activity must be in the spirit of the purpose of the Student Organization.
    • An entire area is rarely closed for such a group (Such as all three gym courts or the entire pool).
    • The event or activity must be inclusive, active and participatory in nature.
    • Student organizations are allowed to make reservations for a total of 4 hours a week. Three hours max at any one time.
    • Reoccurring weekly reservations doesn’t allow non-members of the Rec Center access to the space.  Guest passes can be purchased at Member Service for members of the organization who are non-members of the Rec Center.
    • If a one-time event is intended to engage the Portland State University community, Campus Rec professional staff can discuss with the organization’s advisor about the possibility of allowing non-members of the Rec Center to enter to spectate or participate.
    • When the student organization is provided the area free of charge, the organization is not allowed to charge for participation in the event. Fundraising exceptions will be considered with communication between the organization’s advisor and Campus Rec professional staff.

    How to advertise in the Rec Center 

    We do not offer space for printed materials at the Rec Center. The main intention of Campus Rec is to provide a space that is limited in distractions to give students a place to retreat and prioritize their own health and wellness.

    Alternatively, another option is available for groups to market their activities, events, and programs inside the Rec Center. Should the group meet the following criteria, they may submit an advertisement for our digital REACH TVs located on each floor.

    • The group wishing to advertise must either be a SALP student group or department on campus. We do not allow outside groups that are not directly working with a PSU student group or department advertise in the Rec Center.
    • The request must be made at least 10 business days prior to the event date. This gives our staff time to schedule and put up the ad and gives the advertising group a minimum amount of exposure.

    How to submit advertisements

    • You may send your ad to Xylia Lydgate at no later than 10 business days before the event date or when you would like the ad to go up (must be 10 days or longer). You must include your contact information and which PSU group you are affiliated with.
    • Ads will only run for one week at a time.
    • The ad must follow these dimensions or it will not be accepted: 870 x 540 pixels in a .jpg 

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