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New Student Checklist

Below you will find a list of steps for new PSU students to accomplish prior to the start of their first term. This list is intended for new, fully-admitted undergraduate students. To learn more about next steps for other student types, review Student Type Definitions.

Prior to New Student Orientation

Create Your PSU Computing Account (Odin)

Once you're admitted to PSU, one of the first things that you'll want to do is to create your PSU computing (ODIN) account. To get started, read the instructions on your letter of admission or, for help, call 503-725-HELP(4357).

Refer to the Activating Your ODIN Account website to complete this step online

Check Your PSU Email Account

You will receive constant and often important information from PSU to your e-mail account. The ODIN you create when setting up your computer account with be your e-mail address. For example, if you were to create the ODIN of "viking" your e-mail address would be

Complete this step online (and often!) by logging onto your P.S.U. Gmail Account.

Take Placement Tests

For students who need to take a math, chemistry, and/or second language class, you may be expected to complete a placement test prior to enrolling in a related class. You may not be able to register for classes until you complete these tests. Be sure to print your results and bring them with you to Orientation.

Complete this step online on the Placement Tests website.

Apply for Financial Aid

Be sure to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as possible if you haven't already done so. Check the status of your financial aid award at Banweb.

Complete this step online on the Financial Aid website.

Understand How Your Credits Transfer (Transfer Students Only)

Run a Degree Audit Report. 

Complete this step online on the Degree Audit Reporting System website.

Review Undergraduate Curriculum

Prior to attending Orientation, be sure that you review Portland State's undergraduate curriculum.

Complete this step online on the Pre-Orientation Advice for New Students website.

Apply for University Housing

Apply for housing as soon as possible to ensure you have a room for your first term.

Complete this step online on the University Housing and Residence Life website.

Schedule Overnight Accommodations

Visitors to PSU can take advantage of our conference housing at a special rate.

Complete this step online on the P.S.U Recommended Overnight Accomodations website.

During New Student Orientation

Learn about PSU Learn about graduation requirements and community expectations.
Connect with PSU Connect with faculty, staff, students, services, and resources.
Prepare for Your First Term Take your photo for your PSU Student ID Card, receive academic advising, and register for classes.

After New Student Orientation

Submit Paperwork

Submit official transcripts or test scores that are still missing from your application.

Information about this step is available online on the Admissions Official Records Policy website.

Submit Required Health Documents

If you still need to submit your proof of measles vaccination, please submit this as soon as possible to the Center for Student Health and Counseling.

Information about this step is available online on the Measles Vaccination Requirement website.

Determine Health Insurance Needs

PSU requires all students taking 5 or more in-load, non self-support credits (1 credit for international students) to have comprehensive medical insurance coverage. Learn more about the P.S.U Health Insurance, and the associated fees. If you have health insurance you may wish to learn about the eligibility requirements and deadlines for the P.S.U Health Insurance waiver process.

Learn About Health Services

Learn about on-campus student health and dental services.

Information about this step is available online on the Student Health and Counseling Services website.

Purchase Dining Plan

Portland State University's dining services offer a wide range of meal plans that can be purchased, including a declining balance plan.

Information about this step is available online on the P.S.U Dining website.

Receive Your Student ID Card

Your PSU student ID card will be mailed to your current address 4-6 weeks prior to the start of your first term provided that you are registered for classes. You will have the opportunity to have your photo taken for your ID card at Orientation.

Information about this step is available online on the I.D Services website.

Pay Tuition and Fees

Learn about your PSU One card, student accounts, and how to pay college tuition and fees.

Information about this step is available online on the Student Finance and Accounting website.

Buy Textbooks

Purchase textbooks at the PSU Bookstore 1-3 weeks prior to the start of the term.  It is important to wait until this time to purchase textbooks as any books purchased prior to this date may not be eligible for a full refund should you need to return the book.

Information about this step is available online on The Portland State Bookstore website.

Determine Your Transportation Needs

There are many transportation options that you can use to travel to PSU. Students must be registered for classes prior to purchasing a transit FlexPass or a student parking permit.

Information about this step is available online on the Transportation and Parking Services website.

Complete the Required Learning Module For All Students

PSU desires to create a safe campus for our students. As part of that mission, PSU requires all students to take the learning module titled: Creating a Safe Campus: Preventing Gender Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, and Sexual Assault. The module and accompanying exam will take approximately 30 minutes to complete and can be found in your account.

Information about this step is available online at the Safe Campus Module website.

Complete an Online Financial Literacy Tutorial

Financial Avenues is a program at PSU that helps students learn how to make good financial choices.  

Information about this step is available online on the Financial Literacy website.