Students Who Already Have Health Insurance

"Summer Only" Waiver Status: OPEN

The "Summer Only" Waiver is open through 7/4/21 11:59pm PST

You do not need to do a waiver if you have an approved waiver from Fall 2020, Winter or Spring 2021, as your approved waiver is valid through Summer 2021.

If you missed the Spring Waiver Deadline (4/11/21) visit the Missed Waiver Appeal information page for due dates and criteria. 

2021-22:  All students who have their own private insurance are required to do a new waiver every academic year in the Fall.  We will send email reminders starting in August.

Students Taking 5+ Credits

Portland State University requires any student taking 5 or more credits per term to maintain comprehensive medical insurance coverage. If a student has their own health insurance, including the Oregon Health Plan, they can submit an application to waive the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan. Waiver applications must be submitted by the term's waiver application deadline. If the student's waiver application is approved, the Student Health Insurance Premium will be removed from their PSU account within 2-3 business days of approval.  

Students are automatically charged $935 until they waive out by the deadline. 

Summer Term 2021 Student Insurance Plan:

The cost for Summer Only insurance is $713 and covers you from 6/21/21 through 9/19/21. Students who were enrolled in the plan and charged for Spring 2021 will NOT be charged the Summer Only insurance fee. Students enrolled in the plan for Spring term 2021 receive nationwide coverage through September 19th, 2021, regardless of summer classes or graduation.  

Students taking 1-4 credits

The PSU health insurance requirement does not apply to students taking 1-4 credits. No further action is required.
If you drop below 5 credits within the first two weeks of the term, the insurance charge will automatically be reversed from your student account within 48 hours of the drop/waiver deadline.


Students taking Restricted Differential credits

Some credits, such as those earned during study abroad, the School of Public Health with OHSU, and some continuing education credits are considered Restricted Differential Tuition credits, meaning they do not count toward the 5 credit hours triggering the Student Health Insurance Plan requirement.

Waiver Criteria

Insurance Waiver Criteria

A student wishing to waive the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan must have a private health insurance plan with the following benefits in order to be approved for a health insurance waiver:

  • No more than a $2,500 deductible 
  • At least 70% in-patient hospitalization coverage

OHP Students

Students covered by the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) meet the University's requirements to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Unsure if your plan meets the criteria?

If you are not sure if your private insurance plan meets PSU's waiver criteria, contact the Student Insurance Team by  emailing