Mathematics and Statistics Placement

Mathematics and Statistics Placement in ALEKS...

  • Determines your current mathematical knowledge, and displays it as a detailed pie chart called MyPie.
  • The math placement test score is valid for one year.
  • Uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately place you into the courses listed below.
  • Gives you the opportunity after completing your initial placement of refreshing your knowledge in a learning module of your choice.
  • You are allowed to retake the placement after spending time in a learning module.
  • Increases your likelihood of long-term success in Mathematics and Statistics.

The Mathematics and Statistics Placement Test is used for the following courses:

  • MTH 095: Intermediate Algebra
  • MTH 105: Excursions in Mathematics
  • MTH 111: Intro to College Math I
  • MTH 112: Intro to College Math II
  • MTH 211: Foundations of Elementary Math I
  • MTH 251: Calculus I
  • STAT 105: Elementary Data Analysis
  • STAT 241: Application of Statistics for Business
  • STAT 243: Intro to Probability and Statistics I
  • CH 221: General Chemistry
  • ECE 101: Exploring Electrical Engineering
  • ECE 102: Engineering Computation
  • ECE 103: Engineering Programming
  • ECE 171: Digital Circuits
  • PH 201: General Physics

To enroll in any of the above courses, you must either:

Directions on completing the Mathematics and Statistics Placement Test

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