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Room Transfers

Room Transfer Requests

If you would like to transfer rooms during Fall or Winter term, please follow the steps below. Room transfers are available when space is available during Weeks 2-8 of Fall and Winter term. We do not allow room transfers during the first and last weeks of a term, and during Spring and Summer terms due to other processes taking place including move-ins, move-outs, room renewal, and room selection. If you feel that you have an extenuating circumstance and should be considered for a room transfer during these periods, please contact your Area Coordinator at 503-725-4375.

Living Environment Concerns

If you are having problems with your room or your roommate which are seriously affecting your living experience, your first method of dealing with the situation is to talk to your Resident Assistant (RA). They are trained to help you resolve interpersonal issues and refer you to other resources if necessary. If the problem persists, please follow the steps below to complete your room transfer. 

Room Transfer Request Process

  1. Call the University Housing & Residence Life office at 503-725-4375 to make an appointment to meet with your Area Coordinator or Resident Director to discuss your room transfer needs.
  2. Attend the meeting with your Area Coordinator or Resident Director and complete the Room Transfer Request form.
  3. When a room is available, you will receive an email offering the room to you, and you will have three days to respond and accept the room, or we will give the room to another resident. 
  4. If you choose to not accept the room offered to you, you will receive another offer when a room is available.  If you decline two room assignments, your request will be cancelled.
  5. Your assignment will include a room transfer timeline to move from your current room to your new room.  You must check out of your current room by the date on your transfer notice.  Failure to complete the room transfer on time may result in improper check-out fees and charges for lock changes.