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Future Residents

Join us for an engaging and stimulating living experience in downtown Portland! Get an inside glimpse of the University Housing experience:

On campus housing consists of ten different buildings, modern and historic, all within minutes of the Portland State campus.  Many upperclassmen and graduate students prefer to live in the historic buildings for their apartment style feel, and the unique quality of the buildings. Parkway and Stratford are only available to residents who are over 21 years old, and we have certain units that are reserved for students with families. For a more community-oriented experience, check out the Montgomery Building, our most economical option. All the rooms in Montgomery are furnished sleeper units, so residents share community bathrooms, a community lounge and a community kitchen. Our more modern buildings, Blumel, Ondine, Broadway and Stephen Epler, offer a variety of unit styles, from studios to one-bedrooms.

Need a tour?

We also offer tours of show rooms in Broadway, Ondine and Blumel. Housing Tours take place Monday through Friday and starts in the Housing Office at 1:30 p.m.. Additionally, campus tours, which include viewing a room in The Broadway, are offered daily Monday through Friday at 9:50 a.m. from the New Student Programs Office in ASRC 101.

Learn which options are available to you:

Interested in living on-campus in downtown Portland?

The University Housing Office can help you make an informed decision about living on campus in one of the ten PSU Housing buildings. If you are an incoming freshman (aged 19 years or younger and have not yet completed one full year of college) you will most likely live in one of the First Year Experience buildings (FYE) in a Living Learning Community (LLC). Living in an LLC your first year of college is a fantastic way to acclimate to college life, meet new people and get involved in the PSU community. Most LLC accommodations are furnished double rooms, with a limited number of single accommodations available.

If you are planning on living on campus as a non-LLC resident, you will have the option to choose accommodations in one of our ten buildings, with or without a roommate, depending on availability and cost. There are a variety of different room types to choose from and each building is unique.

Considering living off-campus?

1. What’s your budget? Take all of your expenses into consideration when looking for housing. Think about utilities, food, transportation/parking, personal expenses, credit cards and any other bill payments when considering the cost of housing.

2. What kind of housing are you looking for? Whether you’re looking for an apartment, a house, a loft or a condo, each option has its pros and cons; do some research before you decide. If this is your first time living away from home, ask friends and family members about their living experiences when they attended college to help you build a comprehensive picture of what you can expect from living away from home.

3. Do you want to live with a roommate or by yourself? While single occupancy units do exist, it is important to remember that many of our housing is geared for roommate-style living. Our on campus housing options offer some of the most affordable single units in the downtown area.

4. What kind of neighborhood do you want to live in? Is it convenient to commute to and from campus? Are there amenities like grocery stores and coffee shops close by? 17% of students live within 1 mile of campus because it reduces their transportation costs to almost zero, it makes walking to class easy and it's a great way to experience their college years. 44% of students live within 5 miles miles of campus because the inner Portland area has so much to offer. Bicycling and taking public transportation are safe and convenient choices that give access to opportunities for experiencing Portland's culture. 

5. What about transportation? Will you be riding a bike, driving a car, or taking public transportation? If you drive a car, is there adequate parking where you are planning to live? If you are taking public transportation, is there a St. Car, bus or MAX stop nearby? The best advice that the folks at the PSU Transportation and Parking Services Department had to give our new students was to "live as close to campus as possible, bring a bike, learn about our public transit system and leave the car behind". Parking permits and citations are expensive and many of the permits sell out every term. Students can ride the St. Car for free and they get a discount on a full time TriMet pass. Portland is one of the highest rated bicycling city's in our country for a reason. The PSU Bike Hub and our secure bike parking facilities help to make the entire student cycling experience safe and affordable for everyone. However, if you know that you have to drive or could probably take advantage of public transit, go to the PSU Transportation and Parking Services website for term sales dates and prices.