PSU Scholarship Applications

The PSU Online Scholarship Applications open October 1 and close February 1, awarding funds to be disbursed to students in the subsequent academic year.


Students can apply for most PSU scholarships by completing either the PSU Undergraduate Scholarship Application or the PSU Graduate Scholarship Application.  
To apply for scholarships using the online scholarship application, students will first create an account with the online scholarship application.  This account is not linked to a student's ODIN account.


Most scholarship applications will require the following:


Academic transcripts - Unofficial transcripts are fine.  They will need to be saved into one document file for upload to the scholarship application.


References - The scholarship application will ask for the names and email addresses of at least 2 references.  At least one should be an academic reference, and the other may be someone such as an employer or supervisor.  Friends and family members should not be used as references.  The application site will generate an email to the reference with a link for them to answer online recommendation questions.  Recommendations are due the same day as the scholarship application, so applicants should not wait until the application due date to work on the scholarship application.  Late references will not be accepted.


Essays - Usually there will be at least one essay question required for a scholarship application.  Applicants should read the question carefully and make sure their answer responds to the particular question.  Applicants should also use spell-check and have others review their essay for grammar and punctuation errors before submitting the scholarship application.


Resumé - The Graduate Scholarship Application requires a resumé.


FAFSA - Students who meet the citizenship/residency criteria for completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid will be expected to have submitted their FAFSA for the relevant academic year by the time they are submitting their scholarship application, or by February 1 at the latest.  Non-US Citizens may have the option to submit alternate financial documentation to demonstrate financial need.