Spring 2018

A new journal of music authored by PSU Music students 

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"The musical term subito simply means “suddenly,” indicating an abrupt, striking shift in dynamics or tempo." -Matthew Andrews, Editor

Concieved and created by students and faculty, Subito is a new journal of music from the PSU School of Music & Theater. Released twice-yearly, the journal includes conversations, interviews, book and album reviews, musical analysis, and articles on both historical and contemporary musical subjects from our diverse comunity.

The Spring 2018 issue includes a conversation with faculty members Chuck Dillard (Collaborative Piano), Harry Baechtel (Classical Voice), on Schubert’s Winterreise, reflections on the work of famed Oregon composer Lou Harrison, and an interview with newly appointed Dean of the College of the Arts, Dr. Leroy E. Bynum, Jr

Print editions of Subito are available by request from the PSU School of Music & Theater. To request an issue, send us a message at or call 503.725.3011