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Richard Wattenberg
Richard Wattenberg

LH 145A

Professor Richard Wattenberg is the Graduate Advisor and teaches theater history, literature and criticism. His research interests are in American theater, and for some years he has focused on plays dealing with the American frontier experience. His book Early-Twentieth-Century Frontier Drama on Broadway:  Situating the Western Experience in Performing Arts was published by Palgrave, Macmillan in 2011.   Professor Wattenberg’s articles have appeared in a number of journals including Journal of American Drama and Theatre, American Drama, Modern Drama, Essays in Theatre, and Western American Literature. As a theater professor, he has directed a number of full productions and stage readings.  Over the past fifteen years, Richard has also worked as a freelance theatre reviewer, publishing some 400 reviews in THE OREGONIAN.   Professor Wattenberg received his PhD in Theater and Drama from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.