The nationally renowned Portland State University Opera is one of the most well-established music ensembles within our Music program. Because of its overwhelming amount of support from the community (over 2500 people attend each year) and PSU’s focus on undergraduate performance experience, there are plenty of roles for talented undergrads.


Performance Opportunities

The PSU Opera mounts two major productions per academic year. During fall term, the Chamber Opera production focuses on contemporary works, often from up-and-coming composers. Unique to our program, the Spring Opera is a fully staged production. Both performances have a history of positive critical reviews and sell-out crowds. Additionally, Opera workshop performances give students the oportunity to hone their craft year-round. 

A Foundation For Your Career

If you aspirie to attend a graduate music program, participating in the Portland State University Opera can give you a significant advantage over other applicants because of the rich roles available to you here. Undergraduate students often perform lead roles in our productions, a rarity in collegiate Opera programs.

A Community Of Support

Performing in one of the operas will give you an unparalleled experience in professional-level musicianship. Each university opera is selectively chosen to best fit the community’s skills, ensuring that you will not only grow your own talent, but also learn from your fellow performers in our music program.





 Christine Meadows
Voice Area Coordinator

Christine Meadows initiates students into the unique world of opera that combines music and theater, culminating in award-winning performances before capacity crowds.