Chamber Ensembles


A unique collective experience, chamber ensembles are student-formed with faculty coaching available once a week. The goal is for you to study music with other student musicians, learning how to delegate and collaborate in a small group setting. There is no official audition process. If you are interested, please attend the fall mixer.


Lead Your Own Ensemble

Consisting of 2-11 musicians, chamber ensembles can be area-specific, or composed of students from an eclectic mix of areas. Sydney Carlson, the Chamber Ensembles coordinator, produces fall concerts for these ensembles, but in winter and spring, students produce their own shows, giving you valuable organizational and marketing skills.

Prepare For Your Career

These ensemble experiences are highly applicable to your professional career, giving you the ability to become a productive collaborator while you study music.

 Sydney Carlson
Chamber Music Coordinator

Highly sought after as a performer and teacher, flutist, Sydney Carlson joined the faculty of Portland State University in 2008. Currently a member of the Portland Opera Orchestra, she has performed with the Oregon Symphony, Portland Ballet Orchestra and Portland Chamber Orchestra. She is a former member of the Houston Grand Opera Orchestra. While in Houston she performed frequently with the Houston Symphony, Houston Ballet Orchestra, and contemporary ensemble Musiqa.