MME Courses

Students should become familiar with the PSU Schedule, where class schedules for upcoming terms are posted. Students can also find information about which terms classes are scheduled to be offered for the coming academic year on the PSU Course Planning Guide.

If students would like to setup an internship for credit, they must complete the ME 404/504 Co-op Packet prior to registering for ME 404/504 credits.  The ME Department accepts the following By Arrangement credits: 

  • ME 401/501:  Research (ME 501 credits are reserved for students pursuing the Project Track)
  • ME 404/504:  Cooperative/Internship
  • ME 405/505/605:  Reading and Conference
  • ME 406/506:  Project (ME 506 credits are reserved for students pursuing the Coursework-Only Track)
  • ME 503/603:  Thesis/Dissertation 

Students can register for these credits by completion the By Arrangement Request Form, prior to the start of term.  The total number of credits are determined by the faculty advisor, and all credits must be graded with exception to ME 503/603.  These credits are graded at the time of Thesis/Dissertation Defense.

Not sure when to register? Use the PSU Academic Calendar which details important dates for the each term, including course add and drop deadlines, final exams week, and more!  Transfer students can check course equivalencies for classes taken at local institutions through the Transferology course equivalency database.