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Bachelor's + Master's Pathway

Bachelor's + Master's Pathway Overview

The Bachelor's + Master's Pathway Program allows currently admitted BSME students to get a head-start on their master's degree. Students admitted into the Pathway Program are able to take up to 16 credit hours of approved 500-level coursework as an undergraduate, at an undergraduate tuition rate*, and apply the credits to their undergraduate and graduate degrees. Admitted Pathway students have the potential to start their graduate program with 16 credits already completed.

Students must apply by the third term of their junior year, and if admitted, will automatically matriculate into an MME graduate program as long as they meet the pathway continuation criteria. Students in the Pathway Program can pursue any of the MME master-level graduate programs.

*Post-bac students will be charged graduate tuition rates per PSU policy.

Credit Application

Once Pathway students are formally admitted into an MME graduate program, the Department will request the 500-level credits taken as an undergraduate to be applied to their master's degree. Only coursework with a grade of B or higher will be applied. Students must start their master's program within one academic year of BSME graduation in order to use their pathway courses towards their master's degree.

Admission Criteria

Students applying to the Pathway Program must meet the following criteria:

  • Admitted into the BSME Program
  • Completed 10 credit hours of 300- or 400-level upper-division BSME coursework
  • Institutional GPA of 3.3 at time of application
  • Three letters of recommendation from faculty members (MME faculty members preferred)
  • Statement of purpose

Continuation Criteria

Students must have a combined undergraduate and graduate institutional GPA of 3.3 upon graduation from the BSME program to be fully admitted into the graduate program.

Application Deadline

Students must apply by the end of the third term of their junior year. Applications need to be submitted by the end of finals week.

Pathway Application

Students have one week to complete the application once it is started. Incomplete applications will not be considered.