Grad student with tube device

Graduate Students

There are three tracks available for master's degree seeking students:  thesis, project, and coursework-only.  Graduate Students who plan to work or who are currently working in industry, have the ability to earn a master's degree by completing coursework-only, and foregoing a research component. Students seeking research opportunities or advancement to a PhD program, have the option to perform research with a variety of faculty members and follow either a thesis or project track.  If a permanent advisor is not established by the end of the second term, students will be transitioned to the coursework-only track.

Graduate Seminar Series

During the fall and spring terms, the MME Department offers a 1 credit seminar, ME 507/ME 607. Speakers from industry and other universities speak on various topics that relate to mechanical and materials science engineering. Students must take one term of seminar during their course of study but are encouraged to attend the weekly seminars every term they are offered, even if they are not registered for credit. All seminars will be held on Fridays from 3:15 pm - 4:05 pm unless otherwise noted.

MS & PhD Student Presentations

The culmination of graduate-level student learning is showcased through either a Project Presentation, Thesis Defense, or Dissertation Defense. We invite all students, alumni, and community members to attend.

Important Considerations

Credits applied to a master's degree expire after seven years. Please ensure continued progress toward degree completion is achieved by continually checking in with the established advisor.  Students are also welcome to connect with the Department Student Coordinator, Crystal Snelson.

Credits applied toward a PhD program do not expire; however, there are multiple benchmarks that must be achieved within strict timelines.  These benchmarks include comprehensive exams, advancement to candidacy, and dissertation defense.

Please note, the information provided for each degree program is intended to guide prospective students and aid current students. The degree requirements are subject to change and graduate web pages are not binding documents.  The graduate section of the website is considered the MME Graduate Handbook.