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Design & Manufacturing

Agile & Adaptive Robotics Laboratory

Room: EB 475
Faculty Owner: Alex Hunt

The Agile and Adaptive Robotics lab is interested in uncovering mechanisms of how animals achieve agile and adaptive control and applying these discoveries across a variety of fields.

By studying and developing models and controllers that mimic the structure and function of animal abilities, we work to discover how the wide range of adaptability that is seen in animal locomotion and movement is achieved.

These models and controllers have potentially significant impacts in a variety of fields including physical therapy and rehabilitation, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and robotic and artificially controlled systems.

Controls Research Lab

Room: FAB 83B
Faculty Owner: David Turcic

The controls research lab does research in the areas of feedback control, high speed dynamics, and mechatronics. Projects range from industrial automation to modeling and optimizing sports equipment to autonomous navigation. Current research projects include modeling and validation of high strain rate nonlinear collisions, and autonomous indoor navigation for industrial automation.

Nano Electronic Packaging Research Lab

Room: EB 465
Faculty Owner: Sung Yi

The microelectronics industry is one of the most important industries and electronic packaging and assembly technology is one of the key  technologies to make such industry feasible. Nao-electronic packaging research lab is focused on the development of critical technologies used in the designing, testing, and fabrication for electronic devices and  systems.