Materials Science

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Materials Science

Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Research Lab I

Room: EB 525
Faculty Owner: Tae-Kyu Lee

The group research interest lies in the importance of understanding the linkage between the microstructure and the reliability of interconnects, whether it is a micro-joint, a bulk to bulk welding or Additive  manufacturing. The ultimate goal is to identify the base mechanisms that can describe the performance of interconnection in the context of the product component and device operation. To achieve that, interests are focused on how physical mechanisms are related to the microstructure of interconnects and adjacent systems. 

The research area can be categorized in two large sections. The one is macrojoining, which covers welding, structure metallurgy and high deposition rate Additive Manufacturing area. The other is micro-joining, which covers the semiconductor manufacturing sector, all based on microstructure analysis as a solid foundation.

Biomaterial Testing Lab

Room: EB 585
Faculty Owner: Jun Jiao

The bioengineering lab aims to integrate nanomaterials into biomedical applications. Currently, structural variations of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes coated with alumina are being studied for efficiency of antigen delivery to dendritic cells (immune cells) as a therapeutic vaccine against cancer.

In collaboration with ATI specialty alloys, coloration defects in zirconium sponge are being investigated. Advanced techniques for computationally refining images gathered with in situ observation of metal oxide phase transformations using the transmission electron microscope are also being enhanced.

Nanoparticulate adjuvants and delivery systems towards new generation vaccines are being investigated, in collaboration with OHSU. In addition, photocatalytic materials and reactorsare being developed for the  optimization of semiconductor quantum yield.

Nanodevice Fabrication Lab

Room: EB 550
Nanomaterial Synthesis Lab
Room: 560
Faculty Owner: Jun Jiao

Dr. Jun Jiao’s nanofabrication lab is focused on the synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials including carbon nanotubes (CNTS), graphene, ceramic coatings, and supported bimetallic nanoparticles. These materials are then used in the design and  fabrication of devices for engineering applications.