MA/MS in Technical and Professional Writing: Graduation Deadlines

  Deadline Fall 2020 Winter 2021 Spring 2021 Turn it in to:
Program Requirements Worksheet Review with your advisor by midway through the term prior to your graduation term Mid-Spring 2020 Mid-Fall 2020 Mid-Winter 2021 Program Coordinator
Committee Appointment Form a 2 to 3 person exam committee by the end of the term prior to your graduation term By end of Spring 2020 By end of Fall 2020 By end of Winter 2021  
Graduation Notification Due the last week of the term prior to your graduation term By end of Spring 2020 By end of Fall 2020 By end of Winter 2021 Program Coordinator
Application to Graduate Due the 1st Friday of your graduation term 10/02/20 01/08/21 04/02/21 Graduate School
Portfolio Due one month before oral exam       Exam committee chair
Written Exam Due date set by advisor, due before oral exam       Exam committee
Second Language Verification (MA students only) Must be submitted and verified by WLL before your oral exam       World Languages and Literatures
Oral Exam By the 9th week of your graduation term 11/27/20 03/05/21 05/28/21  
Recommendation for the Degree   12/11/20 03/19/21 06/11/21 Form handled by committee faculty

Graduation Tasks and Timeline

Step 1: In the quarter before the term you plan to graduate, submit the Application for Awarding of Master's Degree, Doctoral Degree, or Graduate Certificate. (While the Graduate School stipulates that you can file this form “no later than the first week of the term,” don’t delay that long!).

Step 2: Make sure that you are registered for at least 1 graduate credit during the quarter in which you plan to graduate.

Step 3: Finalize the Program Requirements Worksheet you started in your 3rd term according to your DARS audit to verify that your coursework has been (or is very nearly) completed. Work with the English Department Program Coordinator ( to run your DARS audit, and work with your adviser to complete the Program Requirements Worksheet.

Step 4: Identify faculty willing to serve on your graduate committee. Ask one or two faculty members (in addition to your primary program adviser) to serve on your committee. Your committee thus consists of two or three faculty members, one of which must be a tenured or fixed term faculty. You must select your committee and notify the Program Coordinator by Week 3 of your graduation term.

Step 5: Canvass these faculty committee members about a mutually convenient date and time to meet for your oral exam. The date of the oral exam should be no later than Week 9 of your graduation term.

Step 6: Schedule your oral exam by working with the Graduate Coordinator (, who will book a room. The graduate coordinator can also assist with any A/V needs (Skype connections, etc.) you may have.

Step 7: No later than four weeks prior to the oral exam date, give a copy of your completed portfolio to each faculty committee member. The oral exam will consist of discussion and questions/answers based on your portfolio and on your written exam response.

Step 8: Approximately one week later, expect to receive a written exam question from your primary program adviser, as well as a due date for your response to the exam question.

Step 9: Meet with your faculty committee at the date and time agreed upon for your oral exam. Your committee will inform you about your graduation status immediately after the oral exam. If successful, your remaining graduation paperwork will be processed by the Department; no further action will be required on your part.