Nina Mae Kellogg Award and Lecture

1973 Kellogg Lecturer Elizabeth Bishop

Nina Mae Kellogg Award Winners

Each year, the Nina Mae Kellogg Awards recognize two outstanding undergraduate students. Congratulations to our 2020 winners:

  • Raphael Krasnow, who won for the essay "Bodies in Nature: Environmental Violence in Olive Senior's 'Seeing the Light,'" and
  • James Tonkin, who won for the essay "Graphic Novels and the Segmented Female Body."

Nina Mae Kellogg Lecture

The English Department hosts the annual Nina Mae Kellogg Lecture, bringing an eminent writer or scholar to campus to speak to the Portland community. Over the past fifty years, the Department has has brought a series of distinguished writers, scholars, editors, booksellers, and thinkers to the Portland State campus. Below is a list of past lecturers.

1965: Philip B. Gove, Ph.D.
1966: Tauno Mustanoja, Ph.D.
1967: Robert Heilman, Ph.D.
1968: I.A. Richards, C.H.
1969: Frank Huntley
1970: Sylvere Munod
1971: Norman O. Brown
1972: Jessica Mitford
1973: Elizabeth Bishop*
1974: William Stafford
1975: Brian Lanker
1976: Angus Bowmer
1977: David Wagoner
1978: Martin Esslin
1979: Ian Watt
1980: Ursula Le Guin
1981: William H. Gass
1982: Julian Jaynes
1983: Jonathan Culler
1984: Paule Marshall
1985: Richard Ohmann, Ph.D.
1986: James Welch
1987: Jean Redpath
1988: Sheila Ballantyne
1989: Frederick Crews
1990: Tess Gallagher
1991: Tobias Wolff
1992: Ivan Doig

*Pictured above

1993: Rebecca Wells
1994: Charles Altieri
1995: Shari Benstock
1996: Karen Joy Fowler
1997: Molly Gloss
1998: Helen Hennessey Vendler
1999: Ehud Havazelet
2000: John Guillory
2001: Jamaica Kincaid
2002: Richard Ohmann
2003: James Lasdun
2004: Stephen Dunn
2005: Linda Williams
2006: Barry Lopez
2007: Special Film Presentation
2008: Susan Jarratt
2009: Emily Powell
2010: Elise Paschen
2011: Steven Mailloux, Ph.D.
2012: Junot Díaz
2013: Jack Halberstam
2014: George Saunders
2015: Mike Davis
2016: Pankaj Mishra
2017: Liz DeLoughrey
2018: Cheryl Strayed
2019: Brian Michael Bendis and Kelly Sue DeConnick