Student Hardship

Libby Solomon Emergency Fund

The English Department's Libby Solomon Emergency Fund is used for small but vital pressing student expenses—an unpaid power bill, a lack of textbooks, a Trimet pass, groceries, overdue rent—that have an outsized effect on an English student being able to successfully attend school. Created through the kind support of Libby Solomon and her family, the fund is unendowed and relies directly on donor giving.

How to Donate to the Libby Solomon Emergency Fund

To donate to the Libby Solomon Emergency Fund, please visit and then select "Libby Solomon Emergency Fund" from the Designation drop-down menu.


Thank you for your support!

How to Apply for the Libby Solomon Emergency Fund

Send Statement of Financial Need

In order to apply for the Libby Solomon Emergency Fund, please email a short statement of financial need to the Department Chair (, and copy the Department Manager ( Be sure to cite an exact amount and reason for your hardship request. If the hardship request is approved by the Department, staff will forward the approval onto the PSU Foundation (, with whom the recipient will then work to finish processing the request, including various financial forms.

Upload Financial Forms to PSU Foundation

The PSU Foundation requires a Student Hardship Request Form in order to issue payment. If your request is approved, Department staff will fill out and submit the form on your behalf, but it may be useful to reference it when structuring your initial hardship request for the Department.

The PSU Foundation manages the actual hardship payments made to each recipient. Funds will be issued either (a) directly to the recipient by the PSU Foundation (US Citizen, Resident Alien), or (b) directly to the recipient by PSU (Non-resident Alien). Since these allocations will be considered taxable income, the PSU Foundation also requires that you submit the appropriate IRS tax form (W-9 for US Citizen, Resident Alien; W-8BEN for Non-resident Alien).

The PSU Foundation strongly recommends that Libby Solomon Emergency Fund recipients set up Direct Deposit, especially if your financial need is urgent, since payment can be issued more quickly and securely using Direct Deposit.

Secure IRS tax and Direct Deposit forms can be both accessed and submitted using the PSU Foundation website. For more detailed instructions, please refer to the Hardship Support Instructions for Recipients form.

For any additional questions, please reach out to English Department staff at