Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)

DARS is an automated system that compares a student’s coursework to the requirements for a degree and produces a report which shows the requirements that have been met, those that are still outstanding, and any course issues that may prevent the student from completing the degree.  DARS is a valuable tool for students and faculty advisers as it provides on-demand access to a student’s degree progress and will allow any deficiencies to be identified immediately and addressed in a timely fashion.

To run your DARS audit, go to Banweb, select Student Services (Faculty Services for faculty members), then DARS. Click this link to view all the catalog year options for all master's, doctoral, and graduate certificate programs.

The Graduate School (GS) recommends that students run their DARS audit each term after grade roll and bring a new DARS audit to each departmental advising session. This will allow issues to be discovered and addressed as they occur rather than in the term of graduation. It's also recommended that students run a DARS audit after registering for classes in their term of graduation to ensure all requirements have been met and no outstanding problems still exist.

FACULTY: There are certain people (faculty and/or staff) designated by each department to act as DARS exception requesters. These faculty and staff members have been given access by GS to the Graduate DARS Exception Request system.

Enter the Graduate DARS Exception Request System

If you have any questions about DARS exceptions, the exception process, or using the online exception system, please contact us at