University Writing Requirement

University Writing Requirement

Review the University Writing Requirement.

Writing Requirement Equivalencies

Students who would like to have a college composition or academic writing course taken from a different institution evaluated to potentially satisfy the University's writing requirements should complete the following steps:

  1. Review the University Writing Requirement in consultation with your advisor to make sure the course may be applicable. Note: Creative writing and literature courses do not satisfy this requirement. 
  2. Submit an Academic Requirement Committee (ARC) Petition.

If you have any questions related to writing requirements, please contact Prof. Kate Comer at

Writing Intensive Courses (WIC)

Writing Intensive Courses (WIC) offer students an opportunity to engage deeply in course materials. Students learn the processes by which writers in the field develop and disseminate knowledge.

Writing Intensive Classes are offered throughout the university in various departments. The courses are varied but share these core characteristics:

  • Amount of writing: All WIC require approximately 5,000 words. 3,000 words are dedicated to drafts, non-graded writing, and informal papers. 2,000 words are final drafts, which students rewrite after receiving feedback for revision.
  • Activities emphasizing writing: All WIC emphasize writing as a process, which is integrated into the structure of the entire course. Students engage in writing to learn, and writing to communicate. In-class activities may include short, ungraded in-class writing, brainstorming, free-writing, and peer response groups. Other topics that are covered include appropriate citation, global revision strategies, and editing.

You can search exclusively for WIC courses by entering "Writing Intensive Courses" under "Attributes & No Cost Textbook" when browsing the class schedule.