Applying for Graduation

Students must apply for graduation by the first Friday of the anticipated term of graduation; see our Deadlines page for specific dates. Please review the deadlines and apply for the term in which you expect to complete all degree requirements. There is often confusion that applying for Summer term graduation means degree conferral in June but this is incorrect; see the chart below.

Term of Graduation  Month of Degree Conferral
Spring June
Summer August
Fall December
Winter March

The application for graduation is submitted through Banweb. Log in, go to the Student Services tab, then Graduation Application and Diploma Orders. There is a required $30 application fee per degree/graduate certificate as well as a $2 service charge; you must pay with a Visa or MasterCard at the time you submit the application. If you are graduating from multiple degrees and/or graduate certificates in one term, you must apply for each one separately; the online system will allow you to do this as part of one order. When you apply for graduation it will be reflected on your DARS audit.

As a one-time courtesy, students who do not complete degree requirements can have their application for graduation carried forward to a future term (typically the next term, but it could be at maximum up to one year in advance). To request that an application for graduation be carried, students must contact the Graduate School in writing ( and provide an explanation for the graduation delay. If students do not graduate a second time, the application for graduation will be dropped; they will then need to reapply for graduation by the appropriate deadline (and will be assessed a new fee).

Please Note: Graduation is not the same as Commencement. Graduation is the awarding of the degree to the transcript, which produces a diploma, and occurs at the end of every term. Commencement is the ceremony held once per year in June at the end of Spring term. You will have the opportunity to register for the appropriate Commencement ceremony when you apply for graduation.

If you are a Master's student, please see the Summary of Procedures for Master's Degrees for information about additional requirements for graduation.

If you are a Doctoral student, please see the Summary of Procedures for Doctoral Degrees for information about additional requirements for graduation.

If you have any questions about applying for graduation, please email us at