Deepening Understanding of Mathematics Teaching, Learning, and Leading

Course of Study

Program of study

Courses in this program are approved to count toward PSU’s Deepening Understanding of Mathematics Teaching and Learning Certificate of Completion or TSPC’s Mathematics Instructional Leader: preK-8 or grades 6-12 Specialization. Course schedule and descriptions provided below.

Class Credits Fall Winter Spring Summer
CI 511 Examining Base Ten Numeration and Operations 3 x      
CI 519 Mathematics Leadership: Influencing and Facilitating Improvement 3   x    
CI 516 Exploring Measurement Concepts 3     x  
CI 517 Developing Concepts of Data Analysis: Representing and Modeling with Data  3       x
CI 512 Examining Operations with Whole Numbers and Fractions  3       x
CI 541 Reasoning and Proving Across Mathematics 3       x


Program completion

Certificates of Completion are awarded as soon as you have completed 21-credits of the Deepening Understanding of Mathematics Teaching and Learning Program (5 Content-Focused Pedagogy Courses, CI 518 Implementing Mathematics Reform, and CI 519 Mathematics Leadership or 6 Content-Focused Pedagogy Courses and CI 518). Grades must be posted. Please complete the form below to apply.

You can use this program as a "stepping stone" to the Mathematics Instructional Leader Specialization as all courses will apply to your program of study. This certificate does not qualify for licensure.