The COE is working closely with TSPC and edTPA to accommodate licensure candidates in light of school closures. Please contact your cohort leader or advisor for more information.

The Office of Licensure in the College of Education (COE) is responsible for processing license recommendations for COE program completers of our nationally and regionally accredited programs. Educators seeking licensure are recommended to Oregon’s Teacher Standards and Practices Commission, and to all other states.

Not sure where to start? Visit the Licensure Instructions page for links to instructions for the licensing process.

Assessments required for program completion

Tests and edTPA: Please refer to your program handbook for current information regarding required tests and completing edTPA.

COVID-19: Check with your cohort leader if you are unable to take a required test or finish your edTPA due to closures. They will have the most current information from the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) regarding your options for completing these requirements.

Multiple Measures: Check with your program coordinator for more information on this option.

For COE licensure advising, please contact:
Lisa Todd
Licensure Programs Administrator
Phone 503-725-4758

Mailing address
Licensure Office
College of Education
PO Box 751
Portland, OR 97207

How to apply to TSPC for a Preliminary Teaching License

Your Degree and Your License

Because you have completed what TSPC calls a “post-bac” licensure program, your MEd degree does not need to be awarded in order for you to apply to TSPC for the Preliminary Teaching License. However, you MUST follow the instructions below to ensure that you select “post-bac” when you apply for your Preliminary Teaching License. If you select “master’s,” your license application will be held up as you correct this mistake with TSPC staff.

Applying to TSPC for your license: follow these steps after receiving a confirmation email from the COE’s Licensure Office

Complete an eLicensing application with TSPC, including paying the required fees. Key points include: 

  • TSPC Dashboard:
    • After logging into your eLicensing account, select “Applications” and, in the upper right-hand corner, select “Submit New Application.”
  • New License/Registration/Certificate: 
    • The category of license you are applying for is “Teacher.”
  • License History Questionnaire:
    • Select the “I have either: Held an Oregon Educational License (or) Completed an Oregon-approved Educator Preparation Program…” box.
  • License History:
    • If you have completed the TSPC clinical practice registration and background check within 3-years of the application, select “Add a License” and fill in the required information selecting “Clinical Practices” in the License Category. (This will help you avoid being charged again for  the fingerprinting fee.)
  • License History:
    • If you have held other TSPC-issued licenses, enter those here.
  • Work History:
    • Only add paid employment that required you to hold a TSPC-issued license. Do not enter student teaching or volunteer experiences in a school district.
  • Education History: 
    • Add your COE Preliminary Teaching License program by selecting “Post-Bac Program.”
    • REMEMBER: The master’s degree is not required in order for you to apply to TSPC for the Preliminary Teaching License.
  • Education History:
    • Add all the degrees you’ve been awarded that are new since you last applied to TSPC. (If you have never applied to TSPC before, you will enter all degrees conferred.) Degrees could include associate’s and bachelor’s degrees as well as any advanced degrees earned.
    • If you apply to TSPC after your MEd has been awarded, you can list that degree here, as well, although the MEd degree is NOT required for the Preliminary Teaching License.
  • License Type:
    • Select “Preliminary Teaching” under “License, Certificate, or Registry Type.”
  • License Type:
    • Select “Add Endorsement” and the endorsement which you have completed as part of your Preliminary Teaching License program.
  • Pay Application Fees:
    • The application fees should be $182 for the “Evaluation In State” and $10 Portal Provider Fee for a total charge of $192. Follow the instructions in the red box if the fees appear otherwise.
  • Background Check: 
    • As part of the application process to TSPC, TSPC staff will conduct a background check including: A Law Enforcement Data Systems (LEDS) check, a National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) Clearinghouse for Educator Discipline check, and, in some circumstances, an internet or social media search.