Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advocacy

Diversity, equity, and inclusion advocacy requires the ongoing examination of all endeavors, activities, practices, structures, and systems of Portland State University. We seek to identify the barriers and challenges to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We advocate for any and all needed changes that aid in making every person feel welcome, wanted, valued, and partnered with for their success.

PSU Strategic Plan: 2016 - 2020 Let Knowledge Serve The City

PSU is committed to infusing diversity, equity, and inclusion in all its endeavors. Goal 4 of this 5 goal strategic plan requires us to "expand our commitment to equity". The other four goals each have defined equity considerations and objectives.

GDI provides leadership, facilitation, and guidance in addressing strategically and simultaneously university issues of recruitment and retention, curriculum and pedagogy, bias, microaggressions, discrimination and harassment, procurement practices, community engagement, fiscal and human resource allocations, fundraising, space use and allocation, research and scholarly activity -- in short, the totality of university endeavors.

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Diversity Action Council

The Diversity Action Council (DAC) is commissioned by the President and Vice President for Global Diversity and Inclusion, and is comprised of PSU faculty, staff, and students. The DAC's role is to foster equity and social justice by reviewing PSU programs, policies, and decision making and developing recommendations that aid the university in our work to embed systemic and structural changes utilizing the equity lens and to serve the best interests of our diverse constituents.

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President's Equal Access Scholarship

Portland State University is committed to ensuring all students have the access and support they need to achieve their goals. Through the President's Equal Access Scholarship, PSU is able to support students from diverse backgrounds and experiences, including racial and ethnic backgrounds, that are traditionally underrepresented in higher education. Portland State University's President's Equal Access Scholars maintain good standing, contribute to the campus learning environment, and share their unique strengths and diverse perspectives through their involvement in on-campus activities and participation in community service.

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