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Voluntary Confidential Reporting

The Campus Public Safety Office encourages anyone who is a victim or witness to any crime to promptly report the incident to the police. Because police reports are public records under state law, the Campus Public Safety Office cannot hold reports of crime in confidence. Confidential reports for purposes of inclusion in the annual disclosure of crime statistics can generally be made to other PSU campus security authorities, as identified below.

Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) provide sexual assault services, and provides confidential counseling services. These services include providing information on how to file an official report for investigation, as well as information on the PSU Anonymous Report Form.

The Women's Resource Center can assist sexual assault victims in a confidential manner and provide similar information on how to file an official report for investigation, as well as how to provide anonymous reporting for inclusion in Clery crime reporting, utilizing the PSU Anonymous Report Form. These statistics are provided to the Campus Public Safety Office for inclusion in the annual Clery report.

Official reports of sexual assault that occur on campus should be made to the Campus Public Safety Office as 503-725-4407 (non-emergency) or 503-725-5911 (emergency only). Off-campus incidents should be reported to the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction in the area.

Reporting Sexual Assault or Other Sex Offenses

PSU students have several reporting options available to them to report sexual assault or other sex offenses. The following are all offices where you can submit a report:   

    PSU's Campus Public Safety 

    • Emergency number: (503) 725-5911 
    • Non-emergency number: (503) 725-4407 
    • In person at 633 SW Montgomery Street

    Portland Police Bureau

    • Emergency number: 9-1-1 
    • Non-emergency number: (503) 823-3333 
    • PSU will assist victims in notifying PPB, if the student requests assistance. 

    Women’s Resource Center (anonymous option)

    Center for Student Health & Counseling (anonymous option)

    Dean of Student Life (for incidents perpetrated by PSU students)  

    Office of Equity and Compliance (for incidents perpetrated by PSU faculty or staff) 

    Portland State University’s Title IX Coordinator

    PSU's Sexual Assault Anonymous Report Form

    Title IX Coordinator

    If you have any questions about Title IX, please contact PSU’s Title IX Coordinator, Julie Caron., 503-725-4410, located at 1600 SW 4th Ave, In the Richard and Maureen Neuberger Center RMNC) Suite 830. Title IX pertains to any form of sex/gender discrimination, discriminatory harassment, sexual harassment or sexual violence.

    Citizen Complaint Form

    Citizens should express concerns regarding Portland State University Campus Public Safety, in writing, using the Citizen Complaint Form. All citizen complaints are treated as confidential correspondence.

    To submit a complaint; complete, sign, and mail/drop off at:

    Portland State University
    Campus Public Safety
    ATTN: Chief of Campus Public Safety
    633 SW Montgomery St.
    Portland, OR 97201