Emergency Management
Prepare - Plan - Mitigate - Respond - Recover

Portland State University is entrusted to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for students, faculty, and staff who live, work, and study on campus. Faced with emergencies ranging from natural hazards (winter weather, wind storms, earthquake, etc.) to human threats (e.g. active shooter situations, cyber attack, etc.) this is no easy task. Many of these emergencies occur with little to no warning; therefore, it is critical for PSU to plan ahead to help ensure the safety and general welfare of all members of the campus community.

On this website you will find information about PSU's plans for emergency preparedness, response, and recovery as well as resources that you can use, as an individual or department/program, to prepare. 

Campus Plans

Planning Resources

PSU Alert

  • Information about the PSU Alert system including registration, modes, and other FAQs.

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