Emergency Preparedness

Campus Public Safety Office (CPSO) has a new, easier to remember emergency phone number — 503-725-5911. Plus, there’s a new Emergency Procedures Resource Guide that helps you know what to do in a variety of campus emergencies, including medical, fire, earthquake and active threat.

Who to Call? And When?

CPSO has added as a new, easier-to-remember phone number: 503-725-5911. The previous numbers (503-725-4404 and 503-725-4407) will continue to work. From a PSU phone you can dial using just the extension: 5-5911

Keep in mind that if you encounter an immediate, life-threatening situation you can call or text 911. This will connect you directly to city police, fire, and emergency medical services.

Questions about the new phone number?
Contact CPSO (CPSO@pdx.edu)

Emergency Procedures Guide

This document was created to provide useful information concerning what to do to protect your personal safety, as well as others, in emergency situations. It is our sincere hope that this information will be of benefit to you and assist you with protecting yourself while at the University as a student, faculty member, staff member or visitor. It is our mission to assist the campus community in providing a safe and secure experience in pursuing your education.

Consider putting copies in your office, conference room, or other common spaces. You can also pick up hard copies at the CPSO offices (633 SW Montgomery St.).

Screenshot of emergency procedures guide, available to download as a PDF

PSU Alert

The PSU Alert emergency notification system enables the University to contact the PSU community in the event of an emergency by sending information via your preferred method of communication (phone, text, or email).

All @pdx.edu email addresses are automatically enrolled and can not be removed. To get PSU Alert messages in other ways, you must sign up on your BanWeb profile.

If you get a PSU Alert message

  • Follow instructions as provided in the alert message
  • Share the message information with those around you.

PSU Alert IS NOT used to send non-emergency, routine or spam messages.