What to do in case of


If flames or smoke are coming from your person, STOP, DROP, and ROLL to smother the fire.

If you see smoke or flames, activate the nearest fire alarm pull station and then evacuate.

When the Fire Alarm Activates

  • Do not assume any alarm is false
  • Immediately evacuate the building using the nearest exit
    • Use the stairs, do not use elevators
    • Stay to the right hand of the stairwell
    • Stay low under any smoke
    • Contain the fire by closing doors as you exit
  • If you need assistance evacuating the building
    • Go to your pre-determined safe location
    • Tell an Evacuation Warden or other person who is evacuating to inform first responders
    • Call or text to 911
    • Call CPSO: 503-725-9111
  • Go to the designated Assembly Area for the building
  • Do not re-enter the building - under any circumstance - until authorized to do so by CPSO or Fire Department personnel

Fire Prevention

Fire Safety Preparedness

  • Know more than one way out of your office space and building
  • Know and work with the Evacuation Warden(s) in your space
  • Identify the designated assembly area for buildings you are in regularly
  • If you need short or long term assistance during evacuations, self register for the Evacuation Assistance Registry in Banweb

For non-residential buildings, PSU tests fire systems and holds evacuation drills once per year.

For residential buildings, PSU tests fire systems once per year and holds evacuation drills quarterly.

Additional questions or concerns about fire evacuation or fire safety?

Points of Contact

Call or text: 911
PSU Emergency: 503-725-5911
PSU Non-Emergency: 503-725-4407