What to do if you encounter

Hazardous Materials

A hazardous material is any substance or material in a quantity or form that may pose a reasonable risk to health, the environment, or property.

Hazardous waste is generated at PSU from various activities including research, teaching, art, and facilities support. These areas on campus have measures in place to decrease the likelihood of an incident and to minimize damage if a release were to occur. At PSU, all chemical waste is considered hazardous and must be disposed of through Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). Whenever possible, EHS recycles these wastes, but always handles them in accordance with state and federal disposal and storage regulations. For more information or for training, visit EHS Waste Management.

If You Encounter a Hazardous Materials Release or Chemical Spill

Do not attempt to clean up a spill or release unless you are trained to do so and have the proper equipment.

  • If a fire or explosion is involved, call 911 immediately
  • If possible, isolate and secure the spill area
  • Leave the space and close all doors in order to further isolate the area
  • Pull the nearest fire alarm to begin evacuation of the building
  • If someone is injured, if possible, move them to an area where exposure is lower.  Provide material type and quantity information to first responders
  • If someone is injured and not movable, notify first responders immediately upon arrival
  • If you are outside
    • Move upwind of the area and warn people to stay away from the area and material
    • Do not wash spilled hazardous material into a storm drain
  • Call CPSO at 503-725-5911
    • Be prepared to provide the following information regarding the spill or release:
      • Name of the material
      • Quantity of material
      • Time of the incident
      • Location of the incident
      • If anyone is injured or exposed to material
      • If a fire or explosion is involved
      • Your name, phone number, and location
  • Do not re-enter an evacuated area or building until instructed to do so by authorized emergency personnel

Points of Contact

Call or text: 911
PSU Emergency: 503-725-5911
PSU Non-Emergency: 503-725-4407