What to do if you see

suspicious items

If You See an Unattended Item, or Receive a Suspicious Letter or Package

  • Report the incident to CPSO at 5-5911 and notify your building officials or an available supervisor
  • Do not shake or empty the contents of any suspicious envelope or package
  • Place any suspicious envelope or package in a plastic bag or other type of container to prevent the contents from leaking
  • If you do not have a container, cover the envelope or package with anything (e.g., clothing, paper, trash can, etc.) and do not remove this cover
  • Leave the room and close the door or section off the area to prevent others from entering (i.e., keep others away)
  • Wash your hands with soap and water to prevent spreading any substance to your face
  • If possible, list all people who were in the room or area when the envelope or package arrived. Give this list to responding authorities

Characteristics of Concern

  • Are unexpected or from someone unfamiliar to you
  • Have no return address or a return address that can't be verified as legitimate
  • Are marked with restrictive endorsements such as "Personal," "Confidential," or "Do Not X-ray."
  • Have protruding wires or aluminum foil, strange odors, or stains
  • Show a city or state in the postmark that doesn't match the return address
  • Are of unusual weight given their size or are lopsided or oddly shaped
  • Are marked with threatening language
  • Have inappropriate or unusual labeling
  • Have excessive postage
  • Have misspellings of common words
  • Are addressed to someone no longer with your organization or are otherwise outdated
  • Have incorrect titles or titles without a name
  • Are not addressed to a specific person
  • Have handwritten or poorly typed addresses

Points of Contact

Call or text: 911
PSU Emergency: 503-725-5911
PSU Non-Emergency: 503-725-4407